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What is the best way to keep a mailing address updated? 

by on August 8, 2012

Q: I’m database admin for a mailing list of 25000 – 30000 names. What is the best way or process to keep my list updated with correct addresses and zips? Also is there an online service to check for a person’s change of address?


What database should we move to from Access? 

by on March 8, 2010

Q: Our company receives professional data from thousands of individuals. We currently store this data in an Access 2007 database. We’re looking at hosting package options for the best way to present this data in user-friendly reports, etc. Two questions here.

1) should we be using Access 2007 or MS SQL or some other option for the purposes listed above?

2) Do you have any recommendations for hosting packages? We’re on a smaller budget right now and we need something to start out with that has at least 10GB storage.


What does Ida mean with regards to databases? 

by on October 14, 2009

Q: What does Ida mean with regards to databases?