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What is the best gaming desktop for about $900? 

by on April 16, 2013

Q: I want to buy a new gaming desktop. What is the best configurations for it in the range 45000 – 50000 Rs.


How come my background image for my desktop is blurry? 

by on December 8, 2012

Q: ok, i have a windows 7 laptop, and it worked perfect, but after countless downloads and such, i decided to restore back to factory settings. after i did, i went looking for some pictures for my background of my screen, after finding one, i would save and click make background, but the problem is, its blurry, and so i thought, its just the picture isnt the right size, so i tried countless amounts of pictures, all did the same, its starting to really tick me because every picture i try wont fit my screen correctly. please help


Should I get my sister a laptop or a desktop? 

by on September 2, 2012

Q: i dont know what to get fr my sisters a laptop or a desktop?
All that they will be using it for is homework, internet (facebook and youtube), downloading some songs of iTunnes.



Can the flickering of my desktop after being dropped be fixed? 

by on July 16, 2012

Q: my HP desktop cpu fell on concret floor and now is flickering on start up and when putting in a cd or dvd. what is the problem and can it be fixed?


How do I stop webroot from putting an icon on my desktop? 

by on March 13, 2012

Q: Whenever I restart or turn off (then on) my computer, my Webroot software automaticallly puts up an icon on my desktop. So I always have to delete it and put it into my recycling bin (I don’t want a crowded desktop). How do I change Webroot’s settings so that the Webroot icon will no longer show up on my desktop? Thank you so much!


How come icons with dollar signs appear on my desktop? 

by on January 21, 2012

Q: Yesterday, I went to my computer desktop, and it was covered with faded out looking icons with ~$ in front of the name. I deleted them one by one, but now I get one or two whenever I use a program like MS Word.

How do I stop these “ghost” icons from appearing? What are they?


How come my Internet stops working for my laptop when my desktop goes to sleep? 

by on January 5, 2012

Q: I have a Gateway Model GT5694, Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2, AMD phenom 9100e quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 64-bit operating system. My wireless is a Linksys model WRT110.
When my desktop is on and not in sleep mode, the internet works fine on my laptop. However, as soon as my desktop goes into sleep mode the internet stops working on my laptop.
I have tried going through setup on the WRT110 with the setup disc etc to no avail. What am I missing-settings in internet options???? My internet provider hasn’t helped. Help!! Thank you!


Is it bad for the hard disk to move a desktop computer while it is on? 

by on January 3, 2012

Q: Is it bad for the hard disk to move a desktop computer while it is on?


How come some of my desktop icons have disappeared? 

by on November 15, 2011

Q: hi, i have a samsung laptop running windows 7 home premium, recently as in about a month ago,
i shut down my laptop, i started it up the next morning and i found that some of my desktop icons have disappeared including the files within. I have used the command prompt to try and relocate them to no avail.
Is it possible that i may have a virus or a worm on my laptop as it happens quite often since then?

i have tried to do a virus scan with avast! but the scan comes out clean, and i today downloaded the clean up utility from this site, and it showed 6000+ problems, missing dll files, etc.

Could a problem on the os be the cause to the issue of my files disappearing?



Why does my computer put file icon when I save to my desktop? 

by on May 16, 2011

Q: Why does my computer put file icon when I save to my desktop? If I create a shortcut it will create an icon for files and 1 for what I am created.