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How do I get my computer back to normal after an expert fixed it? 

by on May 10, 2013

Q: Recently my pc stopped working correctly. I had to type in DOS commands to get to Windows and I got tired of having to do this. I took my pc to a computer “expert” and left it there for a week.

The “expert” had called and asked me for my email address and passsword so he could set up my email account as it had been before he “fixed” it.

And “fix ” it he did.

During this time somone ordered 2 /$100 gift cards from Walmart online using my WalMart account.

Next the person hacked into my pay as you go cell phone account and the minutes I had purchased vanished. In both cases the email addresses and passwords were changed.

I found this out when I got the computer back and the emails were hung up in my ISP mailbox and I was able to read them.

Additionally, instead of fixing the problem the “expert” replaced my hard drive and kept the old one.

My business website was on that hard drive, so I lost my 88 page website and the software I was using as the version of Windows the “expert” downloaded was not compatible with the version required for the software.

This “expert” has a #1 rating in the county.

Anyway, the spell chack was deleted.
I get an error message saying that the spell check does not support the language I am using and to please select another language.

Apparently the spell check does not support English.

How can I fix this?

Secondly, from time to time a small red bar at the bottom right corner of webpages appears.

What is that about?

Thirdly, my computer disconnects from the internet about every 10 minutes as long as the computer is on.
I have to run diagnose and repair and reset the local adapter.

How do I repair this permanently?

Thank you!


Can I transfer my data from one computer to another? 

by on April 1, 2013

Q: My computer completely deleted everything, and now I want to load my itunes music back on my computer. I did not buy all of my music, but is there a way I can transfer all of my music to my computer without installing anything?


How long is “recovering orphaned file” supposed to take? 

by on March 25, 2013

Q: How long is “recovering orphaned file” supposed to take? My sister’s Toshiba laptop has been in that mode for 21 hours. What should she expect to happen?

Also, should she buy a system recovery disk? Not sure if that’s what it’s called, but if she should buy one, what kind should she buy? She has Windows 7. Thank you for any answers you can help us with!


Is there anyway to get data off my dead hard drive? 

by on March 6, 2013

Q: hi
no my hard drive is dead as a dodo..i think it could be motor gone…..can i still retrieve any data on it…tried pluggin into laptop..and still nothing..tried rcd plug on other applience and works..thats whats makin me think its motor..


How can I recover data off my hard drives that do not work? 

by on March 5, 2013

Q: my external hard drives wont work..but power supply is ok…..could be motor….how can i retrieve what on hard drive


Is there a way to recover unsaved lines of text in a text file? 

by on February 20, 2013

Q: I desperately need to recover a .txt (notepad) file… I know it’s impossible if unsaved but in this case I actually saved it… but long before the pc rebooted automatically; infact in this saved version only two lines appear: so I wanna know if there’s a way to recover the next 10 unsaved lines I wrote… may be directly from the saved file. Please tell me there’s a way, a hope: I’m litterally desperate and I would be thankful for you precious help.


How do I get a system image to work that says it has a missing bootmgr? 

by on January 10, 2013

Q: My hard drive failed. I have a system image but it says that the bootmgr is missing. How can i replace this to use the system image?


How can I get my documents off my laptop that does not work anymore? 

by on November 4, 2012

Q: My hard drive crashed on my Windows Vista laptop(Computer A) and I had it looked at but was told nothing could be done. I started playing with it and restored it to its factory settings and it started working again. My other computer, a Windows 7 Laptop (Computer B) has a broken screen and we have been connecting it to an old monitor we have. Now, Computer B is not working and I have important documents that I need on the computer. My question is, how can I connect computer B to computer A so I can get those documents back. The old laptop seems unresponsive. It turns on but it isn’t making a sound and trying to connect it to the monitor I usually use isn’t working. I know the monitor is working because I hooked it up with computer A. I know this is alot and maybe confusing, but I am afraid that computer A might break down again! I need the documents at least printed out.


Is there anyway to get my data back after apparently reformatting my external hard drive? 

by on July 3, 2012

Q: Hello! I recently made the transition from a Macbook (OS X) to a new PC (running Windows 7), and I may have made a critical error in moving my files. I had an external hard drive (WD 5000aav Mybook) that I was using for the Mac, and like a doofus I simply connected it to my PC. I was confused when it only appeared in my Devices and not as a hard drive, and following online advice I “initialized” it hoping to rename the drive and thus solve the problem. It hasn’t fixed that problem, and now I cannot connect it to my Mac. It looks like I may have wiped the drive? I was surprised that there was no prompt or anything. Any help would be appreciated.


I used PC Recovery and I am wondering if ther eis anyway to get all my files back that it erased? 

by on March 3, 2012

Q: I used pc recovery on my computer and it erased all files and reverted computer back to when i first got. Can i fix this