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How do I setup my domain to receive email? 

by on June 17, 2013

Q: Hi, I booked a domain name with godaddy.com then booked a VPS running windows server 2008 (with IIS7) to host my web application. I managed to point the domain to the fixed IP of my VPS, however I don’t know how to setup pop.mydomain.net and smtp.mydomain.net to send and receive emails from/to my web site/application. Can anyone tell me how and where to start? Thanks a lot.


How come some days I can get to my domain and other days it is blocked by my ISP? 

by on December 26, 2012

Q: Hi. My domain is not resolved and blocked by my ISP someday and day after it works fine. And then blocks one day and so on. It’s only my domain because using the server’s IP i can access it anytime but not the domain. I tried different ISP connections and no problem using them. I use router to connect to my internet as well as cable tv and telephone.


What does it mean when my ISP says my domain is not alive? 

by on August 11, 2011

Q: I need one help from you regarding DNS settings

My website is hosted in a remote server which my friend have. I have taken domain name from GoDaddy and in admin setting of GoDaddy Ihave pointed the DNS name provided by my friend’s ISP

Still this DNS is no pointing to the server when contacted the ISP they are saying that this is because that my domain is not alive

Can you please follow up on this and help me out???


What is a valid reason for wanting a domain name? 

by on October 13, 2010

Q: Hi all
I am trying to register a .ie domain

I’m not part of a company of any kind. I am just a regular john doe trying to register a domain.

This domain will cost me about 30 so I don’t want to waste my money on a domain name like www.MyName.ie so I have decided that the domain I will register should be a name that might be worth something in the future.

I will use this domain for training myself on wed design, emails, hosting, PHP scripts and so on.

Now the IDER is looking for me to make a clam to the domain. They need a signed letter from me saying why I want this domain name.

The domain name I am trying to get is www.AttribComputers.ie

I need to have a valued reason for wanting this domain name but the only reason I have is that I like the name.

So my question is

What can I say that will class as a valid reason for wanting this name and allows me to have a clam over this domain or is there something I can do to give myself a clam over this domain name.


How can I come up with a good name for my new company? 

by on November 23, 2009

Q: I am looking for a main name of my new private company I am building now. This company will do technical support, accounting, as well as security cameras and alarm systems.

I want the name in Ontario, Canada (Ottawa). I don’t want a name with suffix tech, this is gonna be sub name after. Can anyone help me think of a good name?


Is there anyway for me to take over an abandoned website? 

by on November 1, 2009

Q: I’ve discovered a website that appears to have been abandoned since 2003. However, the domain name is active until 2015. I have tried contacting the owner but I received no reply. Is there any way for me to commandeer, take over, the site? I would use my own domain name.


Are there free web hosts that let you use your own domain name? 

by on October 26, 2009

Q: I have registered a domain name and I want to host it for free, what should I do? I have registered at many free hosting sites but I am not able to use my domain name.


How do you purchase a web domain and hosting? 

by on June 26, 2009

Q: How do you purchase a web domain and hosting?


Finding domains that contain keywords 

by on June 16, 2009

Q: Is there an easy way to search for registered domain names that contain certain words? For instance, if I know the name includes ‘book’ and ‘shop’ but I have no idea where those words come in the name but I want the result IShopForBooks24-7.com.

A: There is a site called namedroppers.com that allows you to search for domains with keywords like you suggested. It also allows you to exclude keywords as well. So if you wanted to search for domains with ‘books’ and ‘shop’ but without ‘now’ then you can do that as well.

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Is there a way to find all registered domains that contain a certain word? 

by on June 9, 2009

Q: Is there an easy way to search for registered domain names that contain certain known words? For instance: If I know the name includes ‘book’ and ‘shop’ but I have no idea where those words come in the name (e.g. IShopForBooks24-7.com). I’m using a Mac, if that makes any difference.

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