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Is there anyway to save an unfinished download from a website? 

by on June 7, 2013

Q: Anyone know how to save unfinished download from mega.co.nz


How can I make an animated GIF from a website my profile picture? 

by on May 13, 2013

Q: Hello

I want to know how to upload GIF animated picture from any website to facebook profile picture

Thank you


Is utility chest a safe download? 

by on May 10, 2013

Q: Is utility chest a safe download?


Can anyone tell me where to download the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver? 

by on May 6, 2013

Q: Can anyone tell me where to download the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver? When I troubleshoot, it says “Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter.” I found the hardware ids. The first one on the list is: PCI\\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_230E1565&REV_07. Please help!

Thank you.


Why does my computer say all the software I download is corrupted? 

by on April 25, 2013

Q: What is the problem with my PC? When I download programs or games it downloads the setups but when I install they say the file is corrupted. I’d like to know what is the reason.


Is it possible to have pictures in my download folder that are not mine? 

by on March 18, 2013

Q: is it possible to have a downloaded jpeg in my pictures and in my downloads that is not mine?


Does listening to my playlist online use up more data than downloading it? 

by on February 14, 2013

Q: Does listening to my online playlists use up the same data transfer amount as downloading onto my hard drive?

My internet server tells me I can leave my internet on all the time and it will NOT use up my allowed data amount. Yet last month my account was put on kind of a slow allowed connect. When I called to see what the issue was I was told I had used up my monthly allowed amount. The only thing different I did that month was listen to my online playlist during the night.


Is there anyway to stop people from downloading my images from a third party website? 

by on February 14, 2013

Q: I want to prevent others from being able to download/copy JPEG images of mine that I will have to upload to an outside website. I understand that I can thwart downloads with a transparent overlapping GIF if the image is on my OWN website, but can I imbed the image alone with anti-downloading encryption so that right-clicking and saving is (relatively) impossible?

In other words, I need people to be universally able to SEE my image from this outside website (as is currently the case), but I don’t want them to be able to DOWNLOAD or COPY the image.

I’m happy to purchase software that can do this, but I’ve yet to find any.

Thank you for any feedback or response you can give me.


Where do I find the language packs that I downloaded for Rosetta Stone? 

by on February 11, 2013

Q: I have rosetta stone program installed and language packs downloaded , but i have no disks of this program and language packs, i just downloaded them, but it doesn’t work the program doesn’t open these language packs, it always shows error 2120, can you tell me how to fix this. thank you beforehand 🙂


Why can’t I download files from a website onto a cd? 

by on December 1, 2012

Q: Why can’t I download files from a website onto a cd?