What is the easiest and cheapest way to convert from a word document to an e-reader document? 

by on June 3, 2013

Q: I wish to port word documents from laptop to an electronic reader.
What is the cheapest and easiest solution?


What is a good device that is about 10 inches and will let me read my ebooks? 

by on March 16, 2011

Q: I have a huge collection of ebooks (pdf format NON-DRM around 30gb). I’m lookin for a device with atleast 10″ screen (preferably touch capacitative/resistive) to read them. I also prefer that technology that doesn’t put strain on eyes(i think its called e-ink). what should i buy? apple ipad, notion ink adam, or some ebook reader (if yes, which one?). And offcourse cost is also an issue. Suggest only for NON-DRM pdf files.


What is the best eBook reader/tablet for the price that is about the size of a regular piece of paper? 

by on March 1, 2011

Q: For my ebook reading (exclusively non-DRM) needs mainly, I’m planning to buy a tablet. I’ve considered ebook readers but nothing comes in a size closely equal to A4 paper size. So my question is whether i should buy “notion ink: Adam” or “Apple i pad”. Value for the money is my primary concern. Or is there any ebook reader that comes in a large size. Please do mention price for whatever you suggest.


What does it mean when my ebook reader requires a “FAT” or “FAT 32” format? 

by on January 6, 2011

Q: What does it mean when my ebook reader requires a “FAT” or “FAT 32” format preferred for SD or SDHC card, and what is the difference between SD and SDHC ?