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Will an external case for a UJ-857 superdrive work on a UJ-857-C drive? 

by on August 29, 2012

Q: will a external case for a UJ-857 superdrive work on a UJ-857-C drive?



How can I access my old hard drive via USB? 

by on March 14, 2011

Q: have a samsung model hd080hj/p hard drive from old PC that need want to save files/photos from to a laptop. Is there an adapter that will let me let me transfer via USB.


Will an ATA hard drive work in an SATA enclosure? 

by on February 11, 2011

Q: I have a Seagate Momentous 5400.2 hard drive out of an old laptop its says that its ultra ATA. I have been looking at enclosures and all I find are ones that say they are SATA. Will these work with my hard drive, Thanks


If I put a new SATA drive in my computer can I buy a USB encloser for my old IDE drive? 

by on August 3, 2010

Q: I have a Samsung 160 GB SATA drive. The drive model is: HD160JJ/P.

My question is, since I have a computer running the older IDE style ata drive would it be possible for me to buy an encloser to house this drive and run it as USB?

This is the product I was intending to use and would like to know if it will do what I am wanting it to do.


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Why wont my computer detect my external hard drive? 

by on April 25, 2010

Q: I have a Sony VAIO model: PVC-710G, Processor: intel(r) 4 cpu 3.00GHz with 1024MB RAM running Windows XP.

I wanted to add an external hard drive the cheap way so I opened up an old computer and removed the hard drive. Then I bought an enclosure for it. The hard drive is a Quatom fireball 3.5 series. I tried connecting it but there is no sign of it any where on my computer. I tried installing it manually and I cannot find it. The computer wont find it. What can I do from here to make my computer see the external hard drive?


Transfering Files From Dead Computer To New Computer 

by on July 28, 2008

Q: How do I transfer files from my old computer to my new one when my old one can’t turn on anymore?

A: You have two choices when it comes to transferring your files from a computer that does not work to your new computer.

The cheapest solution is to take the hard drive out of your old computer and put it in your new computer. This usually requires knowing a little bit about computers and possibly about jumpers on your hard drive.

If you do not mind spending the money and doing it yourself is not something you want to deal with or do not think you can then you can always bring the two computers to your local computer shop and for a nominal fee they should be more than happy to move the drive from the dead computer to the new computer.

The other solution is to buy a USB hard drive enclosure that you would install your old hard drive into. So you would take your drive out of the old computer and put it in the USB hard drive enclosure. The process is pretty simple and this solution would actually be more cost effective than bringing both computers to a computer shop. Also, once you are done, you have an external USB hard drive that you can use for backups (once, of course, you get all the data off the drive that you need).