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How do I get my photos out of epson easy photo print and onto my computer? 

by on June 3, 2013

Q: We seem to have ‘acquired’ ‘epson easy photo print’. For some reason my photos have gone into there by default and are not in filemanager.|There is no ‘save’ option available I have tried to select all in EEPP and drag and drop but it wont let me! I dont want to lose all the photos – please can you help (i unfortunately deleted them from my camera when I downloaded them.


How do I install an Epson Stylus Photo TX710W on my MacBook Pro? 

by on December 23, 2011

Q: how do i install my printer (Epson stylus photo TX710W) on my mac book pro? I dont have a disc for the printer.


How do I install an Epson Perfection 1260? 

by on November 18, 2011

Q: How do I install an EPson Perfection 1260 64 bit to a Windows 7 Hpx20Led


What would cause my Epson SX405 to produce veritcal red lines when printing photos? 

by on September 4, 2011

Q: My Epson SX405 printer produces vertical red lines about 2cm apart when I print off photographs. Epson said fault could be that I was not using their ink! (only one of the 4 cartridges is Epson) They also said it could be a fault with the motherboard. Any help would be appreciated.


How can I make my Epson NX100 not mark all ink cartriges as empty when only one is empty? 

by on June 20, 2010

Q: Epson NX100 marks all ink cartridges as “empty” when any ONE is empty, even though they are almost full. How can the program be hacked to reset this false alarm?