Is there anyway to get drivers off my Vista hard drive to use with my Windows XP hard drive? 

by on December 26, 2010

Q: I had a hdd with vista hooked to my computer and all my device’s worked, I went back to a different hdd with xp pro, is there a way to use the drivers off one hdd to the other?


Why does the space available on my hard drive fluctuate? 

by on December 22, 2010

Q: My Dell Inspiron has 283 GB capacity on the hard drive. I’ve recently noticed that the available space moves between 250 and 256 GB available. Why does the space available fluctuate?


How come my computer will not go past the bios screen after I added new hard drives? 

by on December 21, 2010

Q: I have a computer for survalance system and I have added a extra 1.5 tb external hard drive. Every time when you restart a computer it gets stuck in a screen where you press for bios and it would not let you go in bios or it will not go any forward with window load unless you take that external hard drive out and shut computer off and restart it. any solution for this?


How can I figure out what is using up all my disk space? 

by on December 21, 2010

Q: My laptop computer tells me my disc space is nearly full but when I looked at all the programmes installed they only added up to 1.43gb whereas the disc size is something like 74gb.


Is it possiblefor AVG2011 to use up 16GB of disk space? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: On my TOSH laptop my memory is nearly full up to 55gb – when i check my programs and features list i can see that AVG2011 is 16.4gb its been playing up to – this cant be right whats going on?


How do I move data from my C hard drive to an external hard drive? 

by on December 2, 2010

Q: I have a c drive that is 99 % full and an add on G drive–external. How can I take 30 % of what is on the C drive and move it to the G drive so the computer will operate more quickly?


Why am I being denied access to files on my old hard drive? 

by on November 25, 2010

Q: My old hard drive is starting to die. I have purchased a new one and installed it as a master and the old one as a slave. I am starting to transfer files from the old to the new but find that I’m “denied access” to many files that contain things like my Outlook .pst file etc. Is there a way to work around this problem?


Where can I find heat and noise information for SCSI and SATA hard drives? 

by on November 23, 2010

Q: Need to know the heat and noise of 1TB SCSI and SATA hard drives or at least 5 manufacturers.
Where can I find this information?


How can I access the hard drive from my computer with a failed power supply? 

by on November 21, 2010

Q: The power supply in my CPU died. My computer is old and I’m ready to replace it, but I’d like to access my HD first. What are my options? I can replace the power supply for about $30.

Could I buy an internal HD enclosure instead? Does the HD enclosure automatically reformat drive? or would I be able to access just my data and transfer to an external hard drive or my laptop? or will a conflict be caused due to that internal HD also containing an operating system?

Other options?


Can I put a 500GB hard drive in a laptop? 

by on November 13, 2010

Q: I got an Acer Aspire 5570-2067 can I install a 500GB or 640GB in my laptop? If I do which one is better?