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Should I get an iPad mini and a Nano or should I just get an iPod touch? 

by on February 12, 2013

Q: I got the latest gen of iPod nano for Christmas, and I want to make one of the either purchase decisions, but I can’t seem to pick one. Either I want to save up for an iPad mini and keep the nano, or I want to get rid of my nano by selling it and just getting the latest iPod touch. What should I do?


How come my computer does not recognize my iPod Nano? 

by on December 23, 2011

Q: I received an iPod nano as a gift, but my Compaq SR 1503 WM computer does not recognize it; neither does the newly downloaded version of iTunes. The iPod is fully charged, and I am using the USB 2.0 in the front of the computer.

I tried the USB ports in back to no avail. I followed the internet troubleshooting guide from Apple to no avail. I have had trouble like this in the past with a Kodak digital camera, but the problem fixed itself somehow. I have not been so lucky with the iPod.

Thanks for all your help. You guys are the best.