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Is it possible for me to connect my HTC EVO to a HDTV via HDMI and use it to browse the Internet? 

by on May 1, 2013

Q: I would like to konw if I can use my smartphone “EVO” connected to my flat screen with a HDMI cable along with useing a wireless keybaord and mouse to surf the internet. Goal cut internet on my cable bill.


How do I get my laptop running Windows Vista to detect an external keyboard? 

by on April 12, 2013

Q: how do i get windows vista to detect an external keyboard and how do use vista when i close the laptop lid?


How come my Esc key has stopped working? 

by on April 3, 2013

Q: So I recently lost functionality in my escape key, for whatever reason, so I decided to download some remapping software (via Windows Resource Kit) and remapped my escape key to the “~” key. However, once I did this I then lost functionality in THAT key. So I am not sure what is going on or how to fix it, but Borderlands 2 is currently unplayable due to how much the Esc key plays a role in the game :/ Any help would be amazing!


Is it okay to call small keys chiclet keys? 

by on March 20, 2013

Q: Hello Computer Experts!

We had a recent debate if “Chiclet keys/keyboard” was acceptable.
I’m to write a paper about computer user interfaces – in particular the modern keyboard – and I’m concerned about using a term that is too generalized / local.

It was referenced that this is a US term; and that other countries (Latin in particular) wouldn’t understand …
therefore a limitation on the universality / translatable of the terminology;
although when I did a search of the major computer manufacturers, practically all have used this term.

I’m assuming “Chiclet” is a generic trademark (also known as a genericized trademark – similar to Kleenex;
although this use is with a computer, and has nothing to do with the actual chewing gum product).
Also, the term “chiclet” is used at times to refer to the social media icons.

The alternatives considered were island-style, isolated style keys, premium raised tiles, flat keys/keyboards, spaced keys/keyboard.
So, is it technically acceptable to use “Chiclet keys/keyboard”?

An extension to this discussion was the terms “charms,” “hot keys,” and “shortcuts” – with particular emphasis on “hot keys” (hotkeys, no space?).
This refers to the top row of keys on many newer keyboards that allow immediate access to key Win 8 features, right?

I’ve seen the reference, “HP Touch Smart PC Hot Keys.” So are “hot keys” specific to HP?
What the difference with term “charm”?



What is the best 7 inch tablet that supports bluetooth keyboard and an external hard drive? 

by on March 5, 2013

Q: I want a 7 inch tablet that can offer a bluetooth keybored and external hard drive for travel. I will be backpacking through India.
Maybe a writing program if possible


How come my computer running Windows 7 sometimes opens files when I press keys on the keyboard? 

by on February 6, 2013

Q: I have Windows 7 Home Premium. Sometimes while on the computer, suddenly my laptop keyboard doesn’t respond properly. When you type a letter, you may open a file, a new window or who knows. I have tried to refresh, but always end up closing out Firefox and re-starting computer. Any ideas??


What can I do about my keyboard not working on my Mac running OS X? 

by on December 18, 2012

Q: My keyboard stopped working ( IMac OSX ) and i can’t log into my computer. There’s nothing I could do, because I just can’t log in! USB is connected properly and mouse also works. Batteries are changed and should be full.


How come the Ctrl buttons on my keyboard stopped working? 

by on December 14, 2012

Q: Both my Ctrl buttons have stopped working and it is driving me up the wall. I have Googled it and there are TENS of people with the same issue and the only resolutions given are stupidly complicated ones or “Ctrl+Alt+FN” my keyboard doesn’t have a “fn” button.

I have used keyboardtester.com and it’s not highlighting, but it’s BOTH buttons so not a clog. However, when I click “Alt Gr” it highlights ctrl..

What the hell, please someone tell me what to do!


Do they make a converter for an older 6-pin keyboard to USB? 

by on September 21, 2012

Q: have old keyboard with a cord that has cylindrical lavender colored end with 6 pins. I want to use it and connect it to s51224 slimline HP computer with Microsoft window 7 on it, just got it this month, hate the keyboard with it. What converter can I get that will make that old keyboard cord fit into the USB place on the new computer. I am a widow, don’t have much technical knowledge and need help. Have Googled pages and pages of adapters but how can you put another cylinder onto the one that is the cord end, doesn’t make sense.


How come my monitor colors are all messed up after my keyboard dropped on the floor? 

by on June 8, 2012

Q: Our keyboard fell off the computer table. Immediately, our monitor color was completely off. Everything has a green/blue hue. My wallpaper is of a pink rose but now it looks blue. How do I fix the color problem?