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How come my fonts do not work after upgrading from OS X 10.4 to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3? 

by on May 18, 2013

Q: I’ve upgraded from Mac Power PC 10.4 to Mac Mountain Lion 10.8.3 but I can’t seem to get any of my fonts to work. Can you help with this situation? thank you in advance


How to fix a Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException on a Macbook Pro? 

by on May 10, 2013

Q: How to fix a Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException on a Macbook Pro ?


Do they make external hard drives that are compatible with Windows 7 and OS X? 

by on March 25, 2013

Q: hi there ! i am looking to get an external hard drive that i can use on both my windows seven pc ad my macbook pro osx 10.5.8 so my question is if i get a hardrive that is compatible with osx 10.6 will i be able to use it on my mac?


Is there any risk of installing Windows operating systems on my MacBook Pro using VirtualBox? 

by on January 19, 2013

Q: I would like to know if there is any risk of installing windows operating systems on my MacBook Pro using VirtualBox. My understanding is, yes the virtual windows machine could get a virus but would it also transfer that virus to my mac operating system. For instance some viruses that make copies of everything as .exe would I have that happen on my mac files as well or just on the virtual machine? My idea was if I had windows installed on virtualbox and backed it up I could then delete it if I got a virus and then just start up a new machine. I hope this all makes some sense.


What can I do about my keyboard not working on my Mac running OS X? 

by on December 18, 2012

Q: My keyboard stopped working ( IMac OSX ) and i can’t log into my computer. There’s nothing I could do, because I just can’t log in! USB is connected properly and mouse also works. Batteries are changed and should be full.


Is there anyway to know what photos from the Mac OS X application Photo Booth have been uploaded to the Internet? 

by on December 14, 2012

Q: On my Mac (os x) is there any way to see what photo’s/videos have been uploaded to the internet from your Photo-booth application?

My sister claims she uploaded a bunch of videos of me dancing ridiculously from photo-booth but i dont know how to check to see if shes lying haha


How can I convert an aa file to a mp3 on my Mac? 

by on December 3, 2012

Q: I need a .aa file converted to .mp3 on a Mac, do you know of a good software besides burning to a disk and reloading?


Is there a way to view private browsing history from a few days ago on a Mac? 

by on September 21, 2012

Q: I have a 2.1 macbook and I know the code to use terminal to view private browsing history from today but is there a way to view the private browsing history from yesterday or days ago?


How come my Dell mini running Mac OS X will not boot anymore? 

by on September 18, 2012

Q: i have a dell mini laptop and runnin mac os x 10.6 now when it boots up i have a blue screen and only archive utility comes up next to my apple icon wht should i do i tryed to run diagnostic and it just boot up to same screen


What is the best way to install a new hard drive on my MacBook running OS X? 

by on September 17, 2012

Q: The harddrive on my macbook circa mid 2010 laptop is old and only 250 gigs.
I just bought a 750 gig hard drive to replace it.
I want my 750 gig hard drive to have a fresh installation of mac osx mountain lion. I don’t want to migrate everything over from my old hard drive. I bought a hard drive enclosure, and my intention was to install the osx on the new hard drive while its plugged into the usb port, then I would swap them out, and manually move apps and files over.
What’s the best way to do this.
Should I install the hard drive first then install the os? Should I install the OS while its in the enclosure as an external drive? What should I do and what are the steps to do this. Also any links you recommend on how to swap out the drives would really help as well.