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How do I get Microsoft Office 2003 working again after restoring my computer? 

by on October 12, 2012

Q: I had to factory reset my Dell Inspiron 1300 due to the laptop running EXTREMELY slow and freezing way to often. because of that i am not able to use microsoft office 2003, its asking me to provide product key. I never got a product key with this laptop. What can i do to be able to use my microsoft office 2003?


Do they make a free version of Microsoft Office? 

by on March 13, 2012

Q: is there windows office for free


How come I get a message saying I need Vista SP1 to install Office 2010? 

by on December 20, 2011

Q: I have Windows Vista Ultimate, trying to install Office 2010 Pro and it will not let me , says I have to have regular vista SP1. Is this true? If not , how can I install?


How can I convert a Microsoft Works Database file to an Office Access file? 

by on December 8, 2011

Q: I have an old Microsoft Works Database file. How do I convert it to an Office Access file?


Do I need to install MS Office 2003 to bring MS Office 2003 files over from an old hard drive to my new computer? 

by on November 28, 2011

Q: I have new pc running Win 7. Have hard drive from old pc (mobo blown) in hd enclosure. Since I have a a bunch of docs, pictures, etc., in MS Office 2003 as well as many folders, contacts, etc., in MS Outlook 2003, do I need to re-install MS Office 2003 from the cd, then bring all the stuff over, or can I just bring the stuff over (w/o running the MS Office 2003 cd)?


How can I install Microsoft Office if I have the CD but my computer does not have a CD drive? 

by on August 12, 2011

Q: I have a Dell Inspiron Duo laptop and need to install microsoft office. I previously purchased Microsoft Office Home and Studunt 2007 and have the disks etc. My laptop, however, does not have a CD drive, so I am unable to use them to set-up the software on my new computer.How can I set up Microsoft office with the software I already have without a CD drive?


How come my outlook and office settings go away when I reboot? 

by on May 23, 2011

Q: After connecting to a domain, I installed Microsoft office 2007. I put icons on the dektop for outlook, word, excel, etc. After rebooting, the icons disappeared, and i had to re-configure my outlook all over again. Why dont these settings stay? Is ther something i have to do to make everything stay?


Why do I get ERROR80246007 when trying to download Windows or Office updates? 

by on March 23, 2011

Q: How come I cannot download Windows or Office updates? I keep getting ERROR80246007 & D1000.


How can I retrieve the HTML code for a smartart graphic created in Office 07? 

by on February 28, 2011

Q: How can I retrieve the HTML code for a smartart graphic created in Office 07 in order that I can use it on a website? Is there another simple and free way of building a similar component which can be but on a site?


Why does Excel print each cell on a separate page when I select fit sheet on one page? 

by on February 9, 2011

Q: My Excel in newly bought Office 2010 prints each cell as a separate page! but only when I select Fit Sheet on One Page, from scaling options. How do I fix this?