Why does my computer make a long beep and then not start? 

by on December 8, 2010

Q: My desktop won’t start up. It makes a long beeping noise followed by a pause then another long beep. The monitor says, “No signal”


How come when I go play a game I hear a clicking sound and my screen goes dark? 

by on November 21, 2010

Q: I have just had to reboot my comp because of a virus. I have Windows XP 32 ready for 64.

Every time I go to play a game that I have either added by disc or downloaded, I hear a clicking sound and the screen goes dark.

I have rechecked for viruses nothing there. What is my problem?


Why wont the image take up the entire screen on my 21 inch monitor? 

by on November 20, 2010

Q: I recently sent my 21 inch monitor to be repaired and in its place they gave me a 17 inch monitor…now that I have mine back, the size of the screen is stuck to the 17 inch screen. I have already tried ajusting the resolution and screen size but all that does is make the icons larger or streches them out… if i ajust it to the resolution I want and the icons are the size I want, there is about 7cm black space on each side that I cant use! How can I fix it so the whole monitor space is being used without distorting the icons and their size? I have Windows 7…


How do I reize my screen to fit my monitor? 

by on October 24, 2010

Q: I’m using an ASUS VH236H LCD monitor. Just updated my graphic drivers, and it automatically resized my screen… How do I refit the screen size to the monitor?


How come my monitor works on other computers but not mine? 

by on October 7, 2010

Q: My computer stopped showing on the monitor. My monitor is not broken because it works with other computers. Is there any way I can fix this?


How do I resize my screen? 

by on September 21, 2010

Q: How do I resize my screen? I have tried the resolution but it wont resize.


How come the computer screen on my monitor does not take up the entire monitor after reinstalling Vista? 

by on September 11, 2010

Q: I use a JVC TV as my monitor (23 inch) It has worked fine until I flattened my PC and reinstalled with my recovery disc. Only a quarter of the monitor page shows. The rest is black. When I switch to TV, the monitor page is fine and full page. I use Vista. How can I restore full page?


How come my monitor remains black even after replacing my graphics card? 

by on September 10, 2010

Q: My computer display does not show up. At first I thought it was my graphics card but I replaced it with a brand new graphics card and the display still doesn’t come up. What could be the problem? POST does not beep at all.


My monitor says out of range how can I fix it? 

by on August 28, 2010

Q: My monitor says out of range how can I fix it?


How come my monitor shows no signal when I turn on my computer? 

by on August 25, 2010

Q: My computer was working fine when I decided to shut it down and give it some rest (as it had been ‘on’ for weeks). But after I switched it back on, I could see the booting process but after 1 second, the screen disappeared and the light on the monitor turned from green to ample. When I switch the monitor off and on again, same thing happens – monitor light turns green (and can see windows being loaded) and after 1 second the screen disappears and the monitor light turns ample. There is no display of ‘standyby mode’ or anything like that, just blank.

I’ve noticed same thing happens when the computer is switched off. When the computer is off, I turn on the monitor and can see the display ‘power save mode’ for 1 second and then its gone and light is turned from green to ample. When I disconnect the VGA cord from the graphics card connected to the monitor, I get the ‘no signal data’ displayed on the screen and that does not disappear. However as soon as I reconnect the VGA Cord into the graphics card, the ‘power save mode’ appears for a second and then is gone.

The monitor works fine on other computer. Is there a problem with the graphics card or the motherboard AGP card slot?