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How can I setup a shared network folder that can be seen by everyone on the network? 

by on October 16, 2012

Q: Hi there!

I want to be able to set up a shared folder that everyone in my office can use to edit the same documents etc. instead of having lose USBs or different versions of the same document saved to different computers. The computer I’m working from is Windows XP but the others may be different.

I’ve managed to create shared folders on one computer but I can’t find/see them on any other computers in the office. I managed to “map network drive” but couldn’t see the other computers as options to connect to…maybe I’m not looking at the right thing.

Any direction?


What is the best computer setup for a small business to share files? 

by on October 4, 2012

Q: Hello
I am in an office setup and we are going to upgrade our comeputer system.
We have two options given to us.
1. the compter in the office (main computer)is linked with a network switch to allow file sharing to 2 other computers within our building.
2. there is a server computer that our 3 workstation computers link to and i’m assuming the server has all the files stored on it that require sharing amongst the station computers.

what are the main differences and what would be best suited to a small business (hotel/resort) with the anticipation of growth within the business.

any thoughts are helpful, thank you.


Is it possible to track who made changes to a file on a shared folder? 

by on August 3, 2012

Q: My institution have multiple user and shared folder that accessable by any staff who log’s in. There is an incident when my friend scans image and posted them to shared folder someone rename them. Do anyone who rename’s image can be traced back? Date of modified still shows the original date not the renamed date… is that true?


What is the best way to make terabytes of media available on my network? 

by on May 5, 2012

Q: so i’m looking to build a computer meant to house all of my Media and then lug it into my network so i can stream it to multiple computers, and various platforms throughout my home.

as this media station will house all of my media and Hard drives are known to fail, i would like to build in some redundancy.

additionally my Media is easily over 9TB of data and steadily growing. I have some idea that the best way to do this might be to build a tower of hard drives, and set it up in either a virtual or literal raid formation… but i don’t really know what that means or how to do it.

am i on the right track? what’s teh best way to accomplish this? and i need to make sure that no-mattaer what i do adding new media to the setup from either Mac or PC is relatively easy, and that my Media tower is as low maintenance as possible.


Why are folders and files I created at my house only available to me at my house? 

by on June 6, 2011

Q: Today I brought my laptop to a friend’s house where she did some work on my computer. Strangely, while working on the laptop at her house, several of my folders normally sitting on the desktop were not there – nowhere to be found. She created and saved several documents right on the desktop, which we opened and looked at together. They were there, I saw them, saved properly. The laptop was not online at her house. Later when I got home and restarted my original folders, the one’s that were missing at her house, were back but now the documents she created were no longer there. My laptop is an ASUS purchased 2 months ago. It seems like the laptop created an alternate profile or something while plugged in at her house, which I can no longer find now that I’m back at home.


How do I file share from Windows 7 to Windows Vista? 

by on April 17, 2011

Q: How do I file share from windows 7 to vista? I have turned on file sharing and made sure all my folders are shared with everyone on my network. I can send files from vista to win 7 but not the other way around. Please help me fix this :/


How come I cannot get sharing denied when I try to share my optical drive? 

by on August 9, 2010

Q: I am trying to set up network sharing of my optical d drive between my netbook and my Toshiba laptop, I have set up the sharing and permission. When I try to connect my net book I get sharing denied because permission not enabled on other computer.


How come an enter network password box pops up every few seconds? 

by on January 18, 2010

Q: Enter Network Password box pops up every few seconds how do I get it to go away?


How do I connect 2 computers together in order to share data/application using the Ethernet cable? 

by on August 12, 2009

Q: How do I connect 2 computers together in order to share data/application using the Ethernet cable?


What is the best way to share files and keep them organized on a local network 

by on November 25, 2008

Q: I have 2 computers and 5 hard drives between them on my home network. One machine is running Windows XP and the other machine is running Windows Vista 32.

I need to organize my network storage so that I don’t keep 4 copies of files in 3 or 4 different places. Is there a way to find common files on multiple drives so that I can get organized. I need a primary place and then a backup on a different drive.