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Is it okay to tell Norton 360 not to backup my files since I back them up myself? 

by on June 21, 2012

Q: Hi, I’ve recently bought norton anti virus 360. After every scan It backup my files. I do not wish to have them backed up. As I’ve backed them up myself on a usb passport. Is It safe to turn the backup off? Also It backed up for a while but I cancelled It. Does that mean It’s took up alot of memory? Halfway thru It stops & Say’s I’ve not got enough storage but I press continue anyway or find some other space.!


Do Webroot and Norton 360 do the same thing? 

by on June 12, 2012

Q: Recently I received a free upgrade for Webroot, version and I also am running Norton 360 on my Windows XP Operating System.

In the past Webroot was used for spyware and Norton was used for virus protection, are both of these products now doing the same thing? Am I paying double for 2 programs or is one program doing more than another?


How come a backup my laptop is taking up about 5x as much space as I use on my laptop? 

by on January 3, 2012

Q: I have Norton 360 on my laptop, which backs up to an external 1TB NAS. The backup tool on the laptop indicates it’s backing up aprox 120GB of data, however the backup folder size on my NAS is over 600GB, which is a problem as the NAS is now almost full. Why is it taking up so much space, and what can I do to reduce it?


What should I be using to protect my system besides Norton 360? 

by on December 31, 2011

Q: I have Norton 360. What other useful software (malwarebytes, trojan finder, registry cleaner, etc) do you recommend? I have several email accounts but all are web based. Norton & McAfee both told me that email is not scanned by them unless you run them all through Outlook….true?


How come I am unable to restore files from Norton 360 backup to my new computer? 

by on June 6, 2011

Q: I’ve tried several times, unsuccessfully, to restore online files from my old computer to my new one. The files were backed up using Norton 360v5. I was on the phone with a Norton tech for three hours with no solution. The few files I have on my new computer are backed up using the same program. As a test I tried to restore a file from my new computer and was able to successfully do so. The tech instructed me to try again at another time, still no luck.


Can norton Norton 360 recover save my computer that has crashed? 

by on March 24, 2011

Q: A virus caused my dekstop to crash recently. Is it a total loss OR will running Norton 360 recover? If so, please give me some idea about what to do next. Thank you!


What can I do about running out of space with Norton 360 backup? 

by on February 6, 2011

Q: My Norton 360 is telling me that I have low storage and need to purchase more from them in order for then the do proper back up. What should I do? I am trying to avoid sending them money.


How do I restore the data from my Windows XP computer to my Vista computer via Norton 360? 

by on December 8, 2010

Q: I have two laptops, Toshiba Satellites one XP the other Vista. The XP broke down and the screen is black, HD is OK. I used Norton 360 for back up. I have Norton 360 in both computers. How do I restore the data from my XP to my Vista computer via Norton 360?

I went to Vista computer and run back up, but it only backs up from its own data, not from XP computer. I have the same ID and password for both, I thought everything is backed up somewhere for both computers under my ID and password. I don’t know what to do.


Will installing a new version of Norton 360 over my previous version make me lose my subscriptions? 

by on November 20, 2010

Q: If I Install a New Version of Norton 360 over my previous one will I lose my 11 years of subscriptions?


Why didn’t my emails get restored when I did a restore from Norton 360 backup? 

by on November 16, 2010

Q: I have Windows Vista, which has Windows Mail on it. I ran a back-up on my computer using Norton 360 on Monday of last week, like I do every Monday. On Wednesday, my computer crashed & I had to reload the original factory settings on my computer. I restored all of my files from the Norton 360 back-up, and everything is fine except none of my emails are coming back up. Shouldn’t all of emails that went to Windows Mail have been backed up in the back-up I performed? I sure hope I didn’t lose all of these because they are all important work emails.