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How do I restore data that was backed up using Norton 360 online backup? 

by on December 9, 2009

Q: I have been using Norton 360 on my Dell Laptop for about 6 months and my laptop has just broken, so much so that I can’t even turn it on. Most of my documents were backed up via the online option of Norton’s back-up section. Is there any way that I can retrieve these documents on another laptop which is also running Norton 360 as all of my coursework from college from the last 2 years was stored on the crashed laptop.


How come Windows Update, HP assistant, and Internet Explorer have stopped working? 

by on June 30, 2009

Q: I have an HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop with Vista installed. I’ve been getting pop-ups that Windows Automatic Updates has stopped working, then the HP assistant (a toolbar type of thing on the desktop) stopped working, then the CaTrayLauncher stopped, and now Internet Explorer takes several attempts before it finally opens.

My Norton360 says everything is fine. What do you think is causing it? What can I do if it is a virus? I don’t use Vongo, can I delete it and the tray thing?


What happens if you install Norton 360 on more than three computers? 

by on December 4, 2008

Q: I live in Canada and my boyfriend lives in the states. I installed Norton 360 on my computer and gave the CD to my boyfriend to install on his. He then installed it on two other computers. That adds up to four, and the subscription is only for 3 different computers. Will there be any negative consequence to this, like, will I lose my subscription or something?


Transfering a downloaded Norton 360 to other computers 

by on November 12, 2008

Q: I recently purchased a new laptop and I am wondering if I can transfer the Norton 360 I just recently purchased for my desktop onto the laptop.

A: When you purchase Norton 360, or many of the other Norton products, you are allowed to install the product on up to 3 computers in the same house. So you are legally able to do this and you can find this specific information at the symantec store for the Norton 360 product. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Many Computers Can You Install Norton On? 

by on November 10, 2008

Q: I recently purchased a new laptop and I am wondering if I can transfer the norton 360 I just recently purchased for my desktop onto the laptop.

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Are Norton 360 and Spy Sweeper conflicting with one another? 

by on October 26, 2008

Q: I installed Norton 360 on an HP notebook and already had Spy Sweeper. Now my computer will not boot-up. Do Spy Sweeper and Norton conflict with one another? How do I fix this?

A: The most likely explanation for your computer’s malfunction is indeed that Norton and Spy Sweeper are conflicting with one another. Security programs tend to conflict with one another whenever they duplicate each other’s functionality. In your case, your computer’s security programs are both trying to protect against spyware. Fortunately, your should be able to repair your computer via the following procedure:

  • Immediately after using the power button to start your computer, repeatedly press the F8 key. This will provide you with a list of ways to boot-up Windows. Choose the Safe Mode option. Safe Mode tells Windows to ignore security programs, some devices & drivers, etc.
  • Log into your Windows user account. Read the rest of this entry »