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How do I add a web page to a powerpoint 2010 presentation? 

by on June 17, 2013

Q: I cannot add the web page option to the insert tab on ribbon. How can you do that when the 2010 ppt does not have that choice even under the “customize ribbon” option


How can I make PowerPoint switch to the next slide using a remote? 

by on April 8, 2013

Q: hello, I’m looking for a device that can sync two computers at the same time, meaning if i have a power point open on both computers and i want to switch to the next slide at the same time with a push of a button or clicker. What is that device called?


What is a good powerpoint type presentation that will run on a tablet? 

by on October 31, 2012

Q: What is a cool tool for presenting like powerpoint? I saw a guy use an ipad2 once and it seemed pretty easy and smooth. I will be traveling a lot presenting. One requirement is of course that the tablet have a function to display on external screen.


Is there a way to show certain information in PowerPoint like on Jeopardy? 

by on February 19, 2012

Q: I’m trying to help my daughter modify a Jeopardy game in PowerPoint that she received from a friend. Slide #1 is a layout of the Jeopardy gameboard, with a header row and columns with dollar values for the questions. Afer a person answers a question correctly, she wants the dollar amount for the question asked to change to a diminished value. I found a PowePoint Constant of “ppAfterEffectDim” in my research. Is this something that could be used in this case, and if so, what is the process involved?


What is a good flash drive for a 10 year old to use to bring Word and Power Point documents back and forth to school? 

by on June 2, 2011

Q: Need a small flash drive for my 10 year old son to bring word and power point documents back and forth to school. I does not have to be big. What is the difference in brands or types of flash drive. Is one safer or more reliable?


How come I get a warning when I try to open a media clip in PowerPoint? 

by on April 1, 2011

Q: I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on a HP Laptop. Everytime I run my powerpoint presentation (Office 2007) on my laptop and want to open a media clip – I get a pop up saying do I really want to open the file – like it might have viruses or something. This will be a pain when I do my presentation. It does not happen on my HP desktop PC with the same operating system. There is no check box to tick for don’t ask me again. Is there somewhere I can disable this pop up?


How to add music to a PowerPoint presentation? 

by on January 22, 2011

Q: How to add music to a PowerPoint presentation?


Does a new Acer Aspire notebook come with PowerPoint and Word? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: If I purchase an acer aspire notebook would the software of powerpoint and word documents come with it or would i have to download it myself?


How come my PowerPoint presentation is not in sync with the music? 

by on October 30, 2010

Q: My operating system is Windows XP. My question is about program Windows Office 2003 (only its power point presentation). I have received a CD with a power point presentation with slides and audio where the audio presentation and appearance of the slides are not in sync.

My knowledge of PowerPoint is too limited but would like to do the correction if it is possible and burn a new CD.


How come we get file my be corrupted when trying to open a PowerPoint file? 

by on July 25, 2010

Q: I work with an organization where individual upload various files to the site. We have a file on the site from one of the participants we cannot seem to get opened. Th file on the site indicates there is 2612kb of data in the file.

Here is the error message I received when I tried to open that file

PowerPoint cannot open the file Macintosh HD:Users:Israelwright:Downloads:Ceremonies FGG-2010 TEMPLATE.ppt. The file may be corrupt, in use, not a type recognized by PowerPoint, or the file extension may not match the internal format of the file.

Hope this is more information that might help.