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How come I cannot get my laptop screen to appear on my TV even though I am using an VGA to RCA connector? 

by on March 16, 2013

Q: I am trying to connect my Acer aspire 5733z to my Panasonic TV. The laptop has a VGA port and the TV an RCA. I have a VGA to RCA cable and although the screen on the laptop narrows I can not get a picture on the TV.


Is there a way to convert a 3.5mm to RCA? 

by on March 5, 2013

Q: i have a pair of gaming headphones that uses a 3.5mm jack each for playback and for a mic, and i also have an adapter to convert the 2 3.5mm’s to usb. is there an adapter out there that will convert either 3.5mm or usb to the white and red audio output of a tv?

will this adapter work? http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=AUDIO-2-USB


Can I get a VGA to RCA adaptor to connect my laptop to my older TV? 

by on September 22, 2011

Q: I have a old TV and a Toshiba laptop. I got a VGA cable which works for my computer but not on my TV can I get an adapter with the red yellow white cords?


Do they make a switch for an RCA connection so I can have two devices connected? 

by on August 25, 2010

Q: I have a laptop connected to TV via S-video cable. And I have a DVD connected to my TV via RCA cable. The problem is that to use one I need to disconnect another one. So for example to see the screen of my computer I need to disconnect DVD cable and to watch a DVD I need to disconnect laptop s-video cable.

Is there a way to have both connected and just switch between them whenever you need?