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Is there anyway to undelete an email after deleting using shift + delete? 

by on December 1, 2009

Q: I need software for undeleting. I deleted (shift+del) a .pst file and I need it back. Unfortunately, I did not select the option of “leave a copy on the server.”

Its pretty important as it is my wife’s boss’s email.


How can I recover my accidently deleted iChat/AIM/IM messages? 

by on August 24, 2009

Q: I was keeping transcripts of iChat/AIM messages in a folder on my desktop. The folder was deleted and I lost the transcripts. (1) If I use a file recovery program what format extension will these messages have? (2) Can the provider provide me w/ the transcripts if it concerns a legal matter?


Can I recover an email I deleted from another computer? 

by on May 23, 2009

Q: I opened an email on another computer than my home computer and then deleted that email accidentally. I no longer have access to the other computer is there anyway to recover that email?


How do I install a hard drive from an old computer in a new one to recover the data? 

by on February 28, 2009

Q: I recently fried my motherboard on my Dell Demision 4550. I was wondering how do I install the hard drive from that computer into an old HP/Compaq that I have? Ii tried to install it like I would any other hard drive but the computer will say that the system operating start up failed.


How To Retrieve Deleted AOL Email and IMs 

by on March 20, 2008

Q: My friend used my AOL and AIM for a number of indecent activities, including sending personal photos. I’d like to find out exactly what they did by recovering deleted AOL email and AIM messages, received files, etc. Is there a free way to do so or maybe some software you recommend to purchase? I’ve got a PC operating on Windows XP.

A: You would have to purchase a program to restore your old emails. AOL only keeps your email messages on their server for 24 hours. I would recommend a program called Recover My Email because you can download and run the scan and it will give you a list of deleted email before you purchase so that you would be assured it had found what you were looking for before purchasing the program. I wasn’t able to find a reputable and functional free program to do this.

As far as the Instant Messaging there is no way to recover those. When the conversation is closed those messages are gone. However, I would recommend at this point that you add a program to your computer that runs in the background (so that the person does not know it is there) and it will record the instant messaging conversations for you. I was able to find a free program that does this called Record Instant Messages. I tried it out and it works well.


Retrieve Deleted AOL Email 

by on March 5, 2008

Q: I have a Dell computer with Windows XP installed. I am not savvy when it comes to this type of thing, but I want to recover email files from my AOL account. I think my roommate has been using my email account on AOL for things that are questionable at the least. Is there any way to recover the deleted emails and find out the truth about her?

A: AOL saves your email only 24 hours after it has been deleted with the exception of email that was in your spam folder. The steps will below will assist you in retrieving that deleted mail from the last 24 hours and it will move that deleted email into the inbox.

  1. Login with your screen name and password.
  2. Click the Sign on button.
  3. Click the Recently Deleted link.
  4. Select the box next to the message you want to recover to place a check mark there.
  5. Select Restore.

If you are looking to restore email that was deleted longer than 24 hours you cannot access that from AOL. There are many programs out there that you could try to retrieve them but you would have to be willing to pay for the software to do that for you.