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How come the bookmarks in Safari do not have nice icons next to them? 

by on February 7, 2011

Q: Mac user. OS 5.6 Safari 5. My bookmarks tool bar in Firefox has nice icons with the text. Mac has text only and a bland gray line. Can Safari really not give me the icons. Deal breaker for sure.


What exactly does disabling cookies on Safari do? 

by on December 15, 2010

Q: If someone could give me a definitive answer to a simple question for computer person but for me a little too complicated.

By disabling the cookies acceptance on Safari, does that mean that websites are unable to see who you are and cannot access your computer?


How do I view my Safari browsing history as a list instead of images? 

by on November 1, 2010

Q: When I click on “Show All History” I want my Safari browsing history to show up as a list, not a visual of mini-web pages for me to flip through. That way I can clear individual sites I don’t want in my history, without clearing the entire history. For example, I can clear today and leave the other days intact. Or I can just delete some sites from a given day’s history. For some reason it’s no longer showing as a list. Is there any way I can choose the format it appears in.

I am aware of the Private Browsing option. But I’m in a situation where I can’t always use that. Or sometimes I might forget it.

I found the list the perfect way to manage browsing history. I hope there’s still a way for me to view my history like that. I’m not sure if I changed a setting without knowing it or if it’s just the way Safari is now. Any suggestions? Btw, I’m on a Mac in case it makes any difference.


Is there a way to get on the Internet on your iPod Touch if safari is locked? 

by on October 12, 2010

Q: Is there a way to get on the Internet on your iPod Touch if safari is locked?


How do I disable the ability to delete history in Safari on a Mac? 

by on June 26, 2010

Q: How do I disable the ability to delete history in Safari on a Mac?


How come I get errors when trying to watch video on abc.com on my Macbook? 

by on June 9, 2010

Q: I have been using abc.com for years on my Macbook and today I received an error for the first time, not allowing me to view the video, saying:

“A connection problem has occurred. This may be caused by a network configuration problem on your computer. Please check your settings and try again. Error Code: 102 10”

It won’t work on my Firefox or Safari. I’ve tried resetting internet connection, etc. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.


Where does Safari on Windows 7 download files to? 

by on January 27, 2010

Q: I had downloaded the trial version of iWork from Apple using my Safari web browser but had not noticed the small print that explained that it was for Macs only. It was a big file and wouldn’t setup. I can’t find the file to delete and am wondering where it is? I am using Windows 7 ultimate.


How come we can print from FireFox and Safari but not from Word and PowerPoint? 

by on September 14, 2009

Q: We have a Xerox workcenter 4150 at our department and it works fine with all clients connected. The only problem I have is with a Mac OS 10.6 user. I can print from FireFox, entourage, and Safari but not from Word or PowerPoint. Do you guys know why is that? I re-installed the drivers and put the latest version but it still wont work.


How come when I upload my web files to my server I cannot see them? 

by on May 9, 2009

Q: I am trying to upload a site and am having problems. I used Dreamweaver to put the files up to the ftp address and when I type in the URL it says “test index file”. The index file is at the site root.

My other problem is that I compressed the filesize of the site by converting images to .pngs but when I test it on Safari I see nothing.


How do I turn off the auto-fill feature on the Safari web browser? 

by on November 26, 2008

Q: I’m using Safari 3.1.2 as a web browser. Is there a way to turn off the address bar’s auto-fill feature?