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How do I set jumpers on an SATA drive that is connected via an IDE converter? 

by on May 13, 2013

Q: this question has to do with dvd burners. IDE’s have jumpers such as master, slave or line select while a Sata burner does not, If an adapter is placed on an IDE to convert to Sata, where is the IDE jumper on the converted unit placed, Master, slave or line select? or is it not placed on any


How many times is it safe to format a sata hard drive? 

by on March 23, 2011

Q: How many times is it safe to format a sata hard drive?


Can you adapt an SATA connection cord to a PATA connection? 

by on November 27, 2010

Q: Can you adapt an SATA connection cord to a PATA connection?


Can I replace an IDE CD-RW drive with an SATA CD-RW drive? 

by on November 2, 2010

Q: I need to replace my CD-RW drive. I have an IDE now, can I use SATA?


Is a SATA hard drive better than a SCSI hard drive? 

by on July 28, 2010

Q: I have a custom built Windows 7 64 bit SCSI system with a bad hard drive which is presently in the hands of the Geek Squad in Daytona Beach. If I replace my failing SCSI hard drive with an SATA hard drive, will my other components such as the added video card still work properly? This is my 10 year old grandsons gaming computer and I was wondering if the SATA hard drive would cause the system to hesitate or run slower than it does with the SCSI hard drive?


Can I replace a SCSI hard drive with a SATA hard drive? 

by on May 16, 2010

Q: I have a Dell with a SCSI hard drive and need to replace it. Can I use an SATA hard drive?


Do I need to set the jumpers on an IDE drive if I am using an IDE to SATA converter? 

by on January 25, 2010

Q: when using an IDE to SATA adapter to connect IDE devices to a motherboard, is it necessary to set master and slave jumpers?


Adding an extra SATA drive to your computer 

by on September 18, 2009

Q: Is there a way to add a third SATA drive to my computer even though it only has connections for two?

A: If you have an extra expansion slot on your mother board then yes you can add an extra SATA drive. You will have to have an SATA controller card installed it in your computer to support the third drive. The process is pretty simple but some people might find it easier to bring it to a computer shop and just have them do it.

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Is it possible to add a third hard drive to a system with only 2 SATA connections? 

by on September 17, 2009

Q: My motherboard has only 2 SATA points. Is it possible to add a third hard drive?

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SATA vs IDE for DVD burning 

by on August 30, 2009

Q: Should I use SATA drives or IDE drives if I want the best DVD burning performance?

A: IDE is the older technology that allows 2 disks per channel but it means that one drive is a master and one drive is a slave. Both the drives have to compete to pass their data on the channel. So if you wanted to burning in this setup the best way to do it is to have the hard drive you will be burning from on one channel as the master and the DVD burner on another channel as the master. This will make sure the data can get where it needs to go. Read the rest of this entry »

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