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How do I know if I will get Ice Cream Sandwich update for my HTC Evo 4G on the Sprint network? 

by on August 22, 2012

Q: I have an HTC Evo 4g, with Sprint as the carrier. Will I get the Ice Cream Sandwich update that is being pushed out now?


Is there any way around Sprint’s automatic plan upgrade with an activated smart phone? 

by on September 30, 2011

Q: Is there any way around Sprint’s automatic plan upgrade with an activated smart phone? I have a Palm Treo Pro but at the moment I cannot afford $80 a month so I can carry fb and google in my pocket…any ideas? I’m up for anything


How can I fix the screen on my LG rumor? 

by on August 21, 2009

Q: My LG rumor from Sprint… yeah well I was just texting on it one day and all of a sudden the screen turned white (it’s usually blue). I could still kind of see everything but it was hard to see. Then all of a sudden it just turned completely blank (white)!! I tried to turn it off and it went blank but this time it just turned black- like it usually does when it’s off.

When I tried to turn it back on it went back to that blank white screen again! I tried taking the battery out, dropping it, everything! It just stays like that and when I took it to the sprint store they said they could fix it but it would cost $100!

So obviously it can be fixed but how? If this is possible to do by myself i would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to find out how. I am in desperate need of a phone and i can’t get a new one soon.

If you have any questions or anything just comment on my question and i’ll be happy to answer them. Please, don’t put this question off, and answer ASAP! and thank you, thank you, thank you! p.s. sorry for the super long question 🙂