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How do I make a template in Word that makes every page look similar? 

by on November 28, 2012

Q: I’m trying to make a basic template for my office to use for every word document we create. I want a dark blue bar on the right side of the page and then the page number in the bottom of the blue bar. Is there any way I can have the bar show up on every new page right now I get it set how I want it but when I get to a new page I have to create a new bar. I want to link the bar to all the pages.


How do I add another photo to my template in Bento? 

by on February 24, 2011

Q: I have a template in Bento (mac) that allows me to take a photo to go with my data.
How do I add another?
I tried adding one, but it added the same photo to all the data.


Creating templates in OpenOffice that work in Word 

by on July 27, 2009

Q: We are using OpenOffice but our templates were all created in Microsoft Office 2003. When I edit the templates in OpenOffice and save them back as MS office files the TOI and other formatting is not working well. Am I missing any feature to use to not let this happen?

A: Older versions of OpenOffice are not very good at saving to Microsoft Office file formats. To figure out which version of OpenOffice you are using you can go to Help => About in OpenOffice. The most recent version, as of this writing, is OpenOffice 3.1 so make sure you are running that version or newer.

If upgrading to the most recent version of OpenOffice does not solve your problem then you should consider saving your template changes to an OpenDocument template. OpenDocument is OpenOffice’s set of default file formats. OpenDocument template file formats include: ott (word processing), ots (spreadsheet), and opt (presentations).

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How do I create a word document that will autofill information? 

by on May 6, 2009

Q: I need to create a MS Word document that will autofill information. I am creating a form letter and want to put the recipients name at the top in the salutation and in the body.


Scanning A Document And Using It As A Word Template 

by on January 28, 2008

Q: I would like to know what I would have to do in order to scan a document into word and save it as a template so I can use it over and over again.

A: I agree with you that it is a fantastic idea to scan a document directly into word and save it as a template for repeatedly using it in future. In fact, it is fairly simple to do that.

For scanning a document directly into word follow the below mentioned simple steps:

  1. Open up a New Word Document from the Template on my computer.
  2. Use a hard page return to (Ctrl+Enter) for creating a new page.

Now, at the top of this new page, click Insert -> Picture -> From Scanner/Digital Camera.

In case you have more than one scanner/Twain compatible device, you will need to select the appropriate one.

The following is the procedure to save the above document as a template:

  1. Click at the File menu and select Save option.
  2. Give your template a name, which is easily recognizable, in the File Name box.
  3. For Save as type, select Document Templates (*.dot).
  4. The Word processor will automatically open the default location for saving the Templates. Usually it is ……\Application\Data\Microsoft\Templates). You may choose to save the template in any other location as well but then it would not appear in the template dialog box. For it to appear in the template dialog box it is necessary that it be saved in the default location only.
  5. Click Save.

Now your scanned document has been saved as a word template.

You can now concentrate solely on the content of the document and forget about the formatting part, as it will be taken care by the template.

Take care!