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Remove WinBlueSoft or WiniBlueSoft 

by on August 31, 2009

Q: How do I remove WinBlueSoft or WiniBlueSoft from my computer? It seems to have taken over my computer and I cannot figure out how to remove it.

A: WinBlueSoft appears to be similar to WiniBlueSoft with a slight name change. Both pieces of software are spyware that people install because they are portrayed to be security software. WinBlueSoft is installed the software will act like it is security software and tell you that you have trojans, privacy issues, and other problems. It will not fix the issues for you though unless you pay for the software. Read the rest of this entry »

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Have I been hijacked if my computer asks me for my password more than once? 

by on June 29, 2009

Q: Have I been hijacked if when I switch users I type in my password and the computer acts like it is going to boot up and then it asks me for my password again?


Can you really recover from a trojan without reinstalling your operating system? 

by on June 26, 2009

Q: I have root on my XP machine, it is my own machine, and it recently had a trojan on it. I have removed the trojan (after much grief), but a bizarre side-effect from the trojan is this that when you go to the ‘folder view’ menu, and you select ‘SHOW hidden files’ and ‘SHOW system files’, it allows you to select those boxes, and allows you to select APPLY, but when you close the window it simply ignores the request, and keeps them hidden.

Also, even though I have my searches set to ‘search hidden files’ it does not search them. I really do not want to reinstall my OS. Is there a way to view the hidden files in the command window? Or is there a way to change a regkey so that these files are no longer hidden? Do you know of any work-around?

Part of this is that I want to be able to actually LOOK for the any virus remnants, either in a command window, or in the gui.


How come SpyBot S&D will not destory items it finds for me? 

by on March 3, 2009

Q: I have a computer with Windows Vista and I have downloaded SpyBot S&D. I am the administrator on our home computer and after running SpyBot S&D it says it wont destroy because I am not the admin. What can I do now?


How come when I try to login to Hotmail I get redirected to a different site? 

by on March 2, 2009

Q: How come when I try to login to Hotmail I get redirected to www7.yoog.com/ search.php?q=mail.live.com?


Trojan And Virus Found On Flash Drive 

by on April 17, 2008

Q: I had plugged my flash drive into my computer but I cannot view any folders and the content inside those folders. I had a worm and trojan on the flash and I used an antivirus to clean it but I’m not sure if that’s the reason why I cannot access the folders. I had checked the memory on the flash and it confirms that the folders are there but i just can’t view it. Please help.

A: More than likely the virus that infected your flash drive created a new autorun.inf file. Antivirus software will kill the virus but they do not typically delete the autorun file because the file itself is not a virus. Make sure that the antivirus program found your computer and flash drive virus free before you perform these steps.

The steps below should assist you in deleting the autorun.inf file to fix your problem. Because the autorun.inf file is protected by Windows Operating system you will first have to unhide the file.

1. Open My Computer.

2. Select Tools > Folder Options.

3. Select the View tab.

4. Make sure that the Show hidden files and folder radio button is selected.

5. Uncheck the check box by Hide protected operating system files (recommended).

6. Click Ok.

7. Click Yes to the error message and you will be back at My Computer.

8. Right click on the drive icon from My Computer that you want to remove the autorun.inf file from.

9. Select Open.

10. Select the Browse button and choose to open it with the Explorer.exe file and click Ok.

11. The drive should now be displayed in Windows Explorer and you can delete the autorun.inf file and restart your computer and you should have access to your flash drive.


Free Vs Paid Computer Security Software 

by on April 16, 2008

Q: I need to install security software on my Dell 2400 Dimension computer running Windows XP. I am wondering if it is better to free security software or security software that costs money? I am trying to speed up my computer, delete viruses, fix errors, and stop popups. My problem is I believe I find more junk popups when I install “Free Software” so what do you suggest?

A: All the security and protection software that I use is free software and I do not have any trouble with popups. The reason that you are getting the popups and such is more than likely because of the spyware on your computer. Let me give you some selections of free programs that you should download and use. Once you start using them you should no longer have issues with popups.

The first program I would try is called Adaware. They have a free version available so just download and install the program. I would recommend running two full scans in a row just to make sure it catches everything and then delete everything that it catches.

The second free program is an anti-virus program called PC Tools. Download and install this and run a full scan of your entire computer and delete any viruses that it finds.

As far as speed I would recommend the following:

1. Run the scandisk/disk cleanup on your computer.

2. Run a system defragmentation utility on your computer.

Once you have done all of the above you should notice a huge difference.


Steps To Take When Windows XP Keeps Freezing 

by on February 26, 2008

Q: I have a Dell XPS 400 desktop and recently it has started to freezes up for no apparent reason. It is running Windows XP and I have tried everything I could think off including reinstalling windows, but again it froze up during installation. I would really like some help.

A: The first thing I would recommend is to run an anti-virus software program like AVG to make sure that your machine has not been infected. If you are virus free, then I would suggest downloading an anti-spyware program like Ad-Aware. If that is not the problem then the next step would be downloading and installing a free program, called HijackThis.

Unfortunately if none of these solve the problem, and they might not due to the fact that your computer froze during reinstall, then the problem might be related to your hardware in the computer. Maybe the CPU fan is not working anymore causing the computer to over heat and freeze up. Maybe the video card fan is not working anymore causing the computer to over heat and freeze up. So you will want to check all the fans in the system and maybe even try running your computer with the cover off and see if that helps a little bit.

Getting in your computer with a vacuum might even help to get the dust out that seems to always built up inside of a computer causing air to not travel as easily.


Opening A Folder Makes The Desktop Disappear 

by on February 14, 2008

Q: I have an HP Presario C700 Notebook with Intel processor running Windows Vista. When I start up the computer I get two error messages that say:

  • c:\Users\Jared\AppData\Local\Temp\efcba.dll
  • c:\Users\Jared\AppData\Local\Temp\ojhlyjuj.dll missing entry:run

Then when I try to open any folder on my computer, it closes right away and the desktop disappears. The only thing I can see is the wallpaper. Then after a few seconds, the desktop comes back. It seems like my computer just won’t let me open folders anymore. Please help me:)

A: I have four things to try and see if this corrects the problem. if you have already tried one or more of these please continue with the next step. I will start with the easiest first to see if it resolves the problem. Read the rest of this entry »