Why am I having problems opening up websites that are sent to me via email? 

by on December 8, 2010

Q: Just in the last couple of days I have been unable to open up websites that are sent to me in an e-mail. I know that I did some clean-up due a message that I received stating low on space but I didn’t think I deleted anything that would effect this. What should I be looking for or what might have happened?


How do I get a sliding chat box on my site? 

by on November 28, 2010

Q: About Sliding Chat box:

I just want to ask if you know the widget code for the sliding chat box in this site


for blogger? Thanks:)


Is there a program I can put on my computer to prevent timing out due to inactivity from a site? 

by on November 24, 2010

Q: Is there a program that I can install on my computer that somehow prevents a “time out due to inactivity” on a website that I access?

I work from home and have several programs open simultaneously and whenever I jump back to one of them it times me out due to inactivity (maybe 10 minutes of inactivity). I cannot change this at the root level so hoping somebody creatively figured this out as a work-around…..


Can anyone suggest a tips website? 

by on November 10, 2010

Q: Does anyone know good Tips website on internet? I mean hot Tips on financial matters, travel etc


Is there a way to retrieve pictures from an old web page? 

by on November 1, 2010

Q: Is there a way to retrieve pictures from an old web page, even if the site says it no longer exists? For example: http://www.myspaceprofiles.org/profiles/198502110.html


How come some websites are really slow on my computer now? 

by on August 28, 2010

Q: I have one website (a gaming site/account) that has all the sudden become extremely slow on my primary computer (work computer). I’ve tried changing browsers and malware scans but even that doesn’t resolve the problem. It’s not the game server or internet connection either as my account works fine on other computers. Please give me your best advice on how to proceed.


How do I remove a virus that will only allow me to access web pages that require a username and password? 

by on August 15, 2010

Q: I have some kind of virus that will only let me access web sites that a password is needed. These include bill pay sites and web mail sites. Any other attempt shows “Internet explorer cannot display the webpage”. Is this a simple fix?


What is the difference between a newsgroup and a bulletin board? 

by on August 13, 2010

Q: You guys are awesome and very helpful.

What is the difference between a newsgroup, bulletin board, message board, blog, post, etc?


How do I remove something I posted on mylikes.us? 

by on July 16, 2010

Q: I posted something on mylikes.us which I need to remove immediately. We do not want people responding to it. How do I do this?


How do I digitalize my art and create a website? 

by on July 8, 2010

Q: I want to make a website but don’t know how. I want to do a comic book type thing with a story that I update. I would like to take my time to design it and get input from others before I put it online. Can someone point me in the right direction? I just bought a new HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and I want to computerize my art.