How come videos on a website I am supposed to use for school are not loading? 

by on January 22, 2013

Q: There is a website that I must use for school. It has embedded videos that are apparently mp4 files. The browser uses flash to play them but the only thing that appears is a black screen.

If I right-click the black screen it says “Video not loaded…”

I have another computer with a different version of Flash and it plays the videos fine. The computer where it DOESNT work has the latest version of flash…whereas the computer that DOES work is an older version of flash.

The player that is embedded in the website is the Kaltura Open Source Player.

Youtube videos play perfect. Just not the video from the Kaltura embedded player AND only on the one computer.

When I played around with the ShockWave PLugin in Chrome I got it to work once..and then it stopped working. It seems to work intermittently at best.

Also…there is McAffee security on the computer that does NOT work. Could it be somehow preventing the video from playing? But again, the weird thing is that sometimes you can get it to work just by trying to load the browser again.

Any ideas?

thank you,


How come people are unable to get to my website now that I installed a router? 

by on January 11, 2013

Q: I installed a new router for 2 computers, #1 XP Home, #2 XP Pro. The router is a EBR 2310 wired router and I also have a server on #2. My domain is and the router IP’s are #1 – and #2 – After installing the router all my sites are able to be seen by everyone however I can not access them using but I can if I use What did I fail to do?
Thank you


How come the cbeebies game on BBC is telling me I need to turn on javascript when it is on? 

by on January 1, 2013

Q: My boy has been playing cbeebies games website for a while now. And today he cant get on the games as it says i need to have javascript turned on which i checked and its on, it also says adobe flash and i went to website and i have done this. can any one help as my boy has Autism and is getting quite stressed he cant play this


How do I allow people to Like pictures on my website instead of just Liking my website? 

by on December 14, 2012

Q: I have both the Like and Share button on my site but I also want people to “Like” the individual pics as well and it doesn’t let them, just the entire website. If I delete the FB meta tags it lets people like the individuals pics but doesn’t show a pic of the site when people “Like” it. Can anyone let me know how it is feasable for people to “Like” both the site and pics without deleting the meta tags? I would greatly appreciate it!


How come I cannot access coupon sites? 

by on December 6, 2012

Q: I have IE9 256 bit, AVG, and FixCleaner on my computer. I cannot access coupon sites like “” unless I open with no add-ons. If I open with no-add on’s I select coupons I want to print. They say I need to install their coupon printer. I turned off my AVG Firewall and installed the printer. Coupons still would not print. If I try to open with the add-ons I get a DEP error and IE closes. I do not know what “Data Execution Error” is or how to fix it.

Also “FixCleaner” wipes out all the “cookies” OR Links? that I have to login sites like my bank. They don’t recognize me after FixCleaner repairs all! It wipes out the coupon printer also! How do I keep that from happening? I have already entered their websites as “safe sites” on my computer.

I’m LOST, HELP!!!!


How come I am unable to login to my business website from my computer but can from other computers? 

by on October 27, 2012

Q: This is crazy! On my business login page, when I enter my acct# and passwd, absoluteley nothing happens. Nothing! its as though the page is dead. But I can click on other things posted on the homepage with no problem. Called my upline, had her try with my acct# & passwd and it logged in just fine; also was able to log in on grndaughter’s laptop. Contacted our tech support, they had me setup a google chrome acct, page and try it that way. Still unable to get any response. I can log into all my other accounts with no problem. What is wrong??????


How come I cannot get a response from my business website but other people can? 

by on October 23, 2012

Q: Suddenly can’t get a response of any kind from my business website. I key in my account# and password, click login and nothing happens. I have rebooted, restarted, cleared browser search cookies and still nothing happens. I had my upline log in from their computer using my acct and pswd and they got in with no problem. I can’t figure out whats happened here. Can you help me?


How do I get people to use blank forms from our system instead of ones that they have saved previously? 

by on October 15, 2012

Q: I need to create a way to have a central blank forms database, and allow users to select their most frequently used forms and create a custom lauch page that will always link back to the database and use the most recent version of the blank form.

Our challenge is people are saving renegade blank copies of the forms on their desktops and using those, so when the blank form is updated they continue to use the outdated version.


How do I upload movie clips and edit them to post on the website? 

by on October 15, 2012

Q: I’m thinking about starting a tumbr website. How do I upload movie clips and edit them to post on the website?


How come the app I had created for my website only works on Android based phones? 

by on August 31, 2012

Q: I had an app made to compliment my web site. It only works on android phones. When I try to use it on my iPhone an error message appears. “Safari cannot open this ………….”. Why is this and how can I get the app to work on my iPhone and iPad?