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What are the best wireless headphones for the PS3? 

by on November 6, 2012

Q: Hello, I want to buy my husband some wireless headphones. We have a projector instead of tv and we use the PS3 for entertainment. He likes to play his games extremely loud and I want wireless headphones for him. What would you suggest are the best to buy for a 30ft range.


Do they make wireless headphones with great sound quality? 

by on June 5, 2010

Q: I use headphones to listen to music on my PC, using iTunes. I like over-the-ear style headphones, but I tend to run through at least 2 pairs of headphones per year because I’m always bending/breaking/abusing the cord. I’ve heard about wireless headphones, but I don’t know anything about them. I’ve heard they can be very expensive and the sound quality is poorer than regular headphones. Is this true? Also, I would like to know how they are charged (do they use regular batteries like my wireless mouse and keyboard, or do they have a special battery and charging station, or something else entirely?)

Basically, I would like to know if someone makes an over-the-ear wireless headset that would stream music from iTunes (on my desktop) into the headphones, without having any cords that keep me tethered to my desktop’s tower, and without costing more than $100 or so.

Also, if it’s not too much trouble, I would like someone to explain the difference between the wireless headphones I see in different areas of electronics stores – what makes a Bluetooth headset different from a gaming headset from a music headset.

I have looked on the Internet at different products, but I don’t feel like I’m learning what I want to know. Any help you could give would be appreciated.


Wireless Headphones for TV and Laptop 

by on September 9, 2007

Q: Is it possible to buy a set of wireless headphones that work on both a TV and a laptop? I’m overwhelmed by all the different types but I’m not sure what to buy as a gift for an individual that wants to use it on both.

A: There are a number of Bluetooth wireless headphones available that you can pair with your TV or your laptop. The Creative CB8100 Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a great example of wireless headphones that come with a transmitter which you can plug into your TV’s 3.5mm headphone jack. You can also pair these wireless headphones with your laptop’s built-in Bluetooth (if available), or with other Bluetooth enabled devices. The transmitter can also be plugged into any audio device that has a 3.5mm jack including iPods and other MP3 players, portable CD players, and various PDAs.