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How come I can only rarely get youtube to open? 

by on February 25, 2013

Q: I can rarely open youtube on my laptop. most of the time it wont load, it says can’t display the webpage or something like that. i tried a few browsers and still didn;t work. sometimes they rarely randomly load, however sometimes even i load the webpage it keeps buffer and i can’t watch the video. this problem started a few days faster than i moved to a new house. i am using Rogers wireless. Windows 7 premium 64 bit. the same problem goes to facebook. but it seems that facebook has a greater chance of successfully load. i tried clear the cache, auto detect settings, automatic proxy, windows diagnostics, unplug the modem, etc… i tried on another laptop using the same wireless modem worked, so it should be system’s problem. this problem is been over a month and is very annoying. PLease help me!


How can I get wireless internet while sailing off the west coast of Florida? 

by on March 13, 2011

Q: I will be sailing just off the west coast of Florida in May and would like to bring my Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop. How would I get internet access there? I was thinking of looking into a wireless card but I know nothing about them. Can you help?


How can I connect my wired Internet devices to a wireless internet? 

by on August 4, 2010

Q: I travel in a mobile office and most places that I travel to only have wireless internet access. I have a number of devices that need a wired connection. Can I convert wireless internet into wired?


How come my laptop cannot connect to the Internet via wireless or Ethernet? 

by on March 21, 2010

Q: My laptops wireless internet will no long pick up any networks. Nor can I connect through ethernet. Why is that?


What is the best mobile computer for my vehicle? 

by on March 21, 2010

Q: I am considering buying a mobile computer for my vehicle. Will be used for internet, e-mail, downloading images, gps. Any suggestions?


Is it possible to have an older desktop on wireless Internet? 

by on January 31, 2010

Q: Is it possible to have an older desktop on wireless Internet?

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How can I tell Windows XP to use my wireless network and not another one? 

by on December 27, 2009

Q: I have a D-Llink router, which I reset with a new pass phrase by connecting to it via Ethernet. I did that because Windows XP kept favoring my neighbor’s open wireless connection over mine. I setup the pass phrase, seemed to continually choose my connection after that. Now all of a sudden, it chooses his every time.

I don’t use any software, I just choose the default “use windows to configure wireless networks.”

What the heck is going on? I’d rather use the connection I pay for than using an unsecured connection.


What is broadband and how can I watch Netflix without interruption? 

by on June 12, 2009

Q: I don’t have Internet at home and frankly I can’t afford it. Will purchasing a wireless card allow me to access the internet on my computer? Its not an old computer I don’t think( M1330 dell, 3GB).

I’m just confused and i do have an unlimited data on my phone…now the thing is if i can in fact use these cards to get internet am i limited to what I can buy? I have a sprint phone and a dell computer. So will I have to get a sprint card?

How much do these things usually run and what determines the type of card I should purchase? All I really want is unbroken internet access so that I can watch a youtube or netflix video online. I want to be able to watch it all the way without any pauses or freezes. I am really tired of just using the internet from 8-3 at work. I use the public transportation so would I be able to use this card on the bus?

Someone suggested I the cheapest broadband service and then get an Internet adaptor so that I don’t have to fuss with a wireless card.

But what is “broadband'” and is that something I will have to get from like comcast or AT&T? I want avoid their outlandish prices

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Can I use a cellular wireless card in my desktop? 

by on May 27, 2009

Q: I have a HP desktop with windows XP. I am currently using dial up and I am moving. Was wondering if it is possible to use a wireless card, like for laptops, in the desktop for Internet and what do I need to do this?


How do I setup a computer running Windows ME on a wireless network? 

by on January 27, 2009

Q: How do I setup a computer running Windows ME to a wireless network?