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Is there a way to sync my laptop calendar and my PDA calendar over the Internet? 

by on February 3, 2010

Q: I run a small business and have recently purchased a new laptop and a PDA. I use Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize the files mainly for outlook.

I was wondering both my PDA and laptop have mobile Internet, can I connect the 2 using something like VNC, which I have a little experience in so that the laptop can update the PDA’s calender whilst driving round on the job using Microsoft ActiveSync.


The Meaning Of Always On And Wireless Sync Services For Verizon 

by on January 10, 2008

Q: I am researching phones for Verizon and would like to know the difference between “always on” and “wireless sync” for email access with the various phones.

A: Wireless sync allows a user to sync their wireless mobile device to a desktop PC for email, calendar, contacts and other tasks they may be performing. The term “always on” refers to an Internet connection that is “always on” meaning that the wireless device maintains a constant connection to the Internet. Wireless sync features a “push” email feature that automatically sends your emails to your device.