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How come I have a button in the middle of my screen when running WordPerfect 12 that says configure buttons? 

by on July 23, 2011

Q: After using WordPerfect 12 for months, I now have a small box in the middle of the screen that reads “configure buttons”. I can’t highlight it, move it, etc. If I type it obscures some of the text. How do I get rid of it?? Help, please!!


How come WordPerfect 11 wont keep the formatting I want? 

by on August 8, 2010

Q: I regularly use WordPerfect 11. I’ve noticed a few issues with it though. I have a resume that I’ve saved and sometimes want a fresh print of it. Whenever I go to print it, there’s a problem that I always have to fix. Even though I fix it each time and save changes, it never keeps the change. The problem is that I have several columns and it wants to keep one “phrase” tabbed over where it doesn’t belong. So I have to remember to fix it each time.
Why does it do this?

It’s only that one spot (usually) that troubles me. It’s very frustrating.


How come I cannot edit my WordPerfect file I exported from Quattro Pro? 

by on July 21, 2009

Q: I selected all the filled-in data boxes in a Quattro Pro data file, and copied them into a WordPerfect word processing file. But I can’t do anything with that file! It doesn’t act like a WordPerfect file! Any help?


Problems With Uniblue Registry Booster And WordPerfect 3 

by on January 21, 2008

Q: After I do a Uniblue Registry Booster, my computer (Gateway GT5228, XP Home Edition) decidedly improves. But I lose my MAPPI Address Book in WordPerfect 3, so I have to restore the old registry. How can I avoid losing the address book while still affecting an appropriate scan?

A: I’d suggest that you contact Uniblue with details of this, since it might be a bug in their software. Make sure you’re running the latest version of their software just incase this is something that they’ve fixed.

If that doesn’t work and you’re unable to get any help from the Uniblue people, I have another work-around you can try. While I haven’t used WordPerfect 3, I’d image that you should be able to export a copy of the address book, run Uniblue, and then re-import your address book. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a backup of your address book anyway!