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How come I can send email to yahoo and gmail but I cannot receive them? 

by on May 4, 2013

Q: i am using outlook 2003 in my office . i send & received email with in our office network easily .
when an external user like gmail , yahoo send email to my ID it is not reached to my ID .however my email reach to exernal user. that is incoming mil bounds .now tell my what secuity are fit in out look which blocked / filer external email


What do I do if I sent an email that included my yahoo home page and now people can see my email? 

by on December 14, 2012

Q: Hello, I was sending a email and somehow it sent my yahoo home page showing all my email stuff. Can they now read my mail? And will changing my password stop them from reading just my new mail or stop all together Help and Thank You


Is there anyway for an employeer to read emails that an employee is sending though yahoo or hotmail? 

by on November 29, 2012

Q: For an employer to be able to read employees emails sent through the employees personal hotmail/yahoo, etc..account, is it true the employer has to have programs enabled to do so? Such as spyware, sniffers, or keylogging programs?

I havent been able to find a solid answer.

Thank you!


Why does my yahoo mail page sao no configured site at this address? 

by on November 14, 2012

Q: why does my yahoomail page say no configured site at this address


Why does yahoo require me to authenticate myself via a text to me phone? 

by on October 14, 2012

Q: Every time I try to sign in to yahoo mail, I get a small window demanding a phone number for them to send me a code which is to be entered in the next pop up window which takes me to a page wanting me to chamge my “weak” password. I click the link to by pass this page to my mail but the system won’t let me “stay signed in” and the next time I try to sign in, it’s the same thing all over again. Contacting yahoo is more difficult than contacting the dead. Is there any way around this or do I just have to dump yahoo.


How do I delete Yahoo autocomplete history? 

by on August 15, 2012

Q: How do I delete Yahoo autocomplete history? I tried Tools -> IE Options -> Turn Off Autocomplete option but that didn’t work.


How do I clear the Internet history from my Yahoo toolbar? 

by on August 7, 2012

Q: how to clear internet history from yahoo toolbar


How come some words appear over other words and over images after I pressed a button on my keyboard while using Yahoo in IE 9? 

by on June 22, 2012

Q: While in Yahoo e-mail, I accidentally pushed a key on the upper half of the keyboard and it messed up the image. Some words appear over other words and the Yahoo icons are all down the left side spaced far apart and nothing responds. If I log on to my Yahoo mail using another computer or as a different “user” on this computer my e-mail page works and appears normal.
I’ve reloaded and reset my browser (EI 9) and it didn’t help. team2osms@yahoo.com


Can I log into gmail and yahoo email accounts using the same IP address? 

by on June 18, 2012

Q: Lets say I have 30000 gmail or yahoo accounts. Can I login to all of them on the same IP or do I need proxies for each one. ( Lets say they are set up already – just need to login to check the mail) For examle, I login to one account and logout, I login to a different account and logout and so on on the same computer. Can I do that?


How do I prevent Yahoo News from trying to link comments that I make on Yahoo News to my Facebook account? 

by on May 2, 2012

Q: How do I prevent Yahoo News from trying to link comments that I make on Yahoo News to my Facebook account?

Yahoo has made some changes recently and it’s really starting to annoy me. The are violating my privacy by trying to latch onto information in my browser that is associated with my Facebook account.

When I attempt to post a comment to Yahoo News There are two options to choose from, there is a “Post to Facebook” checkbox, and a “Not you?” link.

If I uncheck the “Post to Facebook” checkbox it still posts my comments to the page with my real name from Facebook. It does not post it to my Facebook page put it’s using my Facebook name and photo.

If I choose the the “Not You?” option it logs me out of my Facebook account (which is very annoying) and give me an option to post using my Yahoo account. The problem here is that I have multiple identities within my single Yahoo account and it no longer lets me choose which identity I want the public to see. If default to my main identity (which is my real name).

There are still departments within Yahoo News that pull my desired Yahoo identity but other seems to have been rewritten with an no longer have an obvious way to change my preferred identity,

Does anyone know how to resolve any of these problems?