How come some thumbnails show up as a broken image? 

by on December 26, 2010

Q: For some reason my computer won’t recognize some thumbnails on some sites I frequent (youtube, etc) instead of a thumbnail, it will be a blank square; On some sites I go on where the thumbnail should be, it will give me a string of text (example. open = SymWinOpen; reimg(this);; = SymTmpWinOpen;” onerror=”reimg(this);” />) does anyone knows what this means, or what I should do to fix this?


How come YouTube videos constanty buffer every 5 seconds? 

by on December 12, 2010

Q: Hello,
When viewing short streaming videos on YouTube etc. my PC is constantly buffering every 5 seconds or so even though I have a 100MB/s
link speed.
I have a 5 watt wifi antenna mounted on a 20 ft mast on a boat. It is connected to ethernet port on a HP netbook with 1G RAM and additional 2G+ on usb flash drive. I am showing about 50% CPU usage and only 0.3 – 1% network usage on my 100MB/s link speed. I am also using RAM optimizer s/w giving me about 400MB free RAM.
Operating system is Win 7. Using free Comodo
firewall s/w. Browser is IE 8.
What is causing this buffering or limited network
% usage??
Thanks for any assistance…


How come I cannot watch youtube videos in full screen mode? 

by on October 25, 2010

Q: Anytime I attempt to expand a youtube or vimeo video to full screen, my screen goes white. I have to hit escape to get back to the reduced screen. What do I need to do to get a fully expanded Screen.


Why do images on youtube not load for me? 

by on October 23, 2010

Q: Why do images on youtube not load for me about 80% of the time? Any help would be good! Cheers!


How do you get video off a DVD and put it on YouTube? 

by on August 12, 2010

Q: A friend of mine has a DVD of him singing at a concert and he wanted to put it on YouTube. How do we go about getting the video off the DVD and putting it on YouTube?


How come I cannot connect to youtube from safari on my iPod touch or via the youtube app on my iPod touch? 

by on April 29, 2010

Q: How come I cannot connect to youtube from safari on my iPod touch or via the youtube app on my iPod touch but everything else seems to work? I tried letting my iPod touch battery die and everything else I can think of besides resetting/restoring back to factory settings because I don’t want to lose everything and there is no way for me to get to my home computer for a while.


How come my igoogle and youtube pages don’t look the way they should? 

by on March 16, 2010

Q: How come the themes on my igoogle page and on my youtube page do not work? They are just a white background that does not show all the text. When I try to select colors on youtube there is text instead of the color blocks. Why is this? What stupid thing have I done or not done?