Open source forum software

by on February 25, 2006

Q: Do you know of any good open source forums? I’m working on a site running on the Apache web server and I was wondering if there are any good ones.

A: The most well known piece of open source forum software is phpBB, which is programmed in PHP. This software should be easy for you to setup on your apache environment.

I know many people that use phpBB on their sites and like it a lot. I have personally opted for a non-open source product called vBulletin to use when I have to setup forum software. The reason I go this route is phpBB gets very slow if you have a lot of visitors to your site at a time or over a million or so posts.

If you expect to keep things small then phpBB is a great option; there are also options for migrating to paid forum software down the road from phpBB.

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