Are Two Processors Twice As Fast As One

by on April 26, 2006

Q: Will a computer with two processors be twice as fast as if it had one processor?

A: With two processors you do not add up the speeds of the two processors together to get the total speed of the system. If you have two 1 GHz processors you do not have a 2 GHz system. A 2 GHz computer is going to be faster than a computer with two 1 GHz processors.

Two processors allow you to do more things at once, multi-tasking, than a computer with a single processor of the same speed. If you want to listen to music, write a word document, check e-mail, and other daily tasks like that a dual processor system would help because one processor could take care of the music and word document while the other processor could take care of your internet browsing and your e-mail.

So if you are going to do 1 thing at a time then stick to a single processor system that is fast. If you are on a budget and multitask a lot then you can consider getting a computer with dual processors that are slower.