Bill Gates stepping down

by on June 16, 2006

Q: What effect will Bill Gates stepping down have on Microsoft?

A: Back in January of 2000 you might remember that Bill Gates stepped down as CEO to hand the position over to Steve Ballmer. At that point in time Bill Gates moved over to become the chairman of the board and chief software architect. As chief software architect Bill Gates would be the person in control of all the software the company would make; although I am willing to bet he has always been so he really was just changing his title and letting Steve Ballmer do a lot of the Microsoft face time.

Some people will probably remember the whole “monkey boy” incident . That is what Bill Gates stepping down as CEO and Ballmer taking over gave us, among other things of course.

So the transition from CEO to chief software architect, which happened over 6 years ago, went smoothly. How will the transition from chief software architect to just chairman of the board go? I predict it will go smoothly as well for a number of reasons.

The first, and most important reason is that it will happen over a 2 year period in time. This is important because Microsoft is about to release some big software titles and Bill Gates will still be there day to day over seeing those titles while at the same time training his new apprentice.

The second, and also an important reason in and of it self, is that Bill Gates has always surrounded himself with some of the brightest minds in the world. While I personally don’t care much for Microsoft you have to admire a company that starts up in a basement and grows the way they did back when they did.