Missing DLL

by on June 20, 2006

Q: Windows says I am missing a dll what can I do to get the missing dll installed?

A: Sometimes in the process of deleting a program using the add/remove programs feature built into Windows you will be prompted if you want to remove a shared dll. Most people select yes and nothing ever goes wrong. Sometimes, however, something does go wrong. You have another program that needs that dll that now wont work because it is missing and you get an annoying “Cannot find name.dll” so your program will not start.

You have probably lost the install CD as well so reinstalling is not an option either. Luckily this happens to hundreds of people a day so a few sites have been created to help. There are two good sites that can help dll-files.com and dlldump.com. We recommend dll-files.com mainly because of it’s tutorial explaining how to get the dll file where you need it. There is a good chance you already have a zip program on your computer and if you do not you can use winzip for free so I would not suggest buying the zip program they recommend.

Now you should have your program working again so enjoy!