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What Can People Find Out About Me 

by on September 13, 2006

Q: Can a lawyer scan or see whats on your hard drive without you knowing from a remote location?

A: I am certain the lawyer himself would not have the ability to do this. He might have a computer firm that works for him do something like this. Chances are they would not do this though unless it was for specific reasons.

In most cases, lets take the RIAA, who goes after people for stealing music, what they do is they actually contact your ISP (internet service provider) and request all the information from them. Your ISP actually has records of everything you have ever done on the Internet. Then there is your e-mail, which, again, your ISP keeps backups of. So don’t think deleting your e-mail from your computer makes it really go away.

Obviously the best way to stay protected is to not do anything illegal. The next step, to protect your computer, is to make sure you have a firewall which blocks all incoming ports that you are not using (Windows XP SP2 has a pretty good one built in as does Mac OS X).

Now the hardest part is to make sure YOU NEVER open attachments in e-mails. The easiest way to get information off your computer is for someone to send you an attachment and you open it. Doing this could easily install software that you are not aware of that will allow the user to do anything they want on your computer. It is a fun joke to play on your friends when you watch their screen and start typing things and they think their computer is possessed when applications start and stop and words type themselves but it is obviously not a joke if someone is stealing your personal information.


Save Cell Phone Voicemail Message 

by on September 1, 2006

An Into Tomorrow listener submitted the following question!

Q: Hi, I would like to transfer voicemail messages from a cell phone to record them for permanent records because of sentimental value.

A: You might want to try to use your headphone jack on your cell phone as a line out and connect it to your line in or you microphone on your computer. I cannot promise this will work because I don’t know of anyone that has tried it and because the headphone jack runs the microphone on the headphones and the speaker. But there is a slight chance that a regular 2.5mm male-to-male cable would allow you to record the data on your computer.

Let us know it works out for you. If it does not then you might have to just hold your cell phone up to a recording device to get the messages off of it but obviously the quality would not be as good.