Error Launching Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 3.0

by on November 1, 2006

Q: I am getting the following error message when I launch Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 3.0.

“The SHELL32.DLL file is linked to missing export SHLWAPI.DLL: SHRegGetUSValueA.”

I can no longer use the application can you help?

A: This problem seems to be fairly common with a variety of Adobe products. All is not lost though; here are the steps to fixing the problem:

1. You will need to find your way to your C:\Program Files\Photodeluxe HE 3.0\ folder (this is the default installation directory, if you changed your installation directory then you will need to make your way there) either by using Windows Explorer or by clicking on My Computer.

2. In this folder you will need to locate the files URLMON.DLL and SHLWAPI.DLL and then rename them to URLMON.OLD and SHLWAP.OLD respectively.

3. Reboot your computer and everything should work fine!

3 Responses to “Error Launching Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 3.0”

    When I try to launch Adobe Photodeluxe HE 3.0 I get the following Error Message

    There is not enought memory (RAM) to launch Photodeluxe

    What can I do. I have more memory now than when I could use it in the past. I’m running Windows XP


    There is a chance that increasing the virtual memory on your system will resolve this issue for you. So here is how you go about changing the size of your virtual memory.

    On your computer you will want click on the “Start” menu then select “Control Panel” then click on “System”. This should bring up a “System Properties” window. From here you will want to select the “Advanced” tab and then click the “Settings” button under “Performance”. This should bring up a “Performance Options” window.

    From here you will want to select your “Advanced” tab and at the bottom you should see “Virtual memory”. Click on the button that says “Change” which will bring up yet another window called “Virtual Memory”. Make sure that “System managed size” is selected.

    Now if “System managed size” is the option that is already selected you will have two options. The first one is the least expensive and it is making sure you are running nothing else. Close every single program. If this does not resolve it then you will have to look into getting even more memory.


    Hello, I am using Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.1, my operating system is Windows XP Home. Each time I try and save in Export as a jpeg the following message pops up “the browser application could not be started. Please verify that it is installed correctly”. This has just recently started happening. Your help would be greatly appreciated.