Burn An AVI File To DVD

by on November 4, 2006

Q: I downloaded an AVI movie file and I am able to play it on Windows Media player. I would like to know if it is possible to burn this movie onto a DVD so that I can watch it using my TV using my DVD player.

A: The easiest way to burn an AVI or MPEG file directly to DVD is to use an application such as Nero. It is not an expensive piece of software and it makes the conversion and burning a relatively painless process.

Once you have Nero installed, simply use the wizard to create a new DVD Video disk. A window will pop up allowing you to drag and drop the AVI or MPEG files that you want to include on the DVD. Nero will then begin converting it to the formats you specify for your region (NTSC, PAL etc) and will then burn it to DVD for you.

Also, some of the packages from Nero include the ability to create 3D DVD Menus, so you can give it a professional look rather than just have the movie play. It is easy and it is not that expensive.

One Response to “Burn An AVI File To DVD”

    If you just burn AVI to DVD, there is no neccessary to buy such an expensive software.
    I know a mini smart software – Aimersoft Video to DVD Converter can also meet your requirements. It is much more cheaper and easier to use.