Registry Modifications With Uniblue RegistryBooster

by on May 23, 2007

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Q: A friend of my recently downloaded Uniblue RegistryBooster. After running the scan it told him he had over 400 problems with his registry. My question is how good of a program is Uniblue RegistryBooster? In order to fix the problems in his registry he has to purchase the program so is it a good idea or should we look for a free program that does the same thing?

A: Anyone who is considering using a program to modify their registry should know that the Windows registry is an important part of their computer. If something were to go wrong with the registry is very possible that the computer could stop working. So you should back up your registry before doing any kind of modifications to it and you should think very carefully before using a free registry tool to automatically modify your registry.

Uniblue is a Microsoft Certified Partner, which more or less means they meet certain requirements set forth by Microsoft and pay a fee to Microsoft and in return they get access to Microsoft direct tech support and some other things. Why is this good? This is good because it lets us know they went the extra mile to make sure their product is a good product that works so you can trust it to do what it says it does.

Our friends over at have a review of Uniblue RegistryBooster, which also quotes a few other reviews. If you are interested in hearing more about Uniblue RegistryBooster you should head over and read the review.

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    I downloaded uniblue and tried the freebie.

    I don’t want to pay for the service so I tried deleting the download. However,
    an error message pops up saying I need permission to delete. What’s up?

    How do I get rid of this annoying file?


      BEWARE! DO NOT INSTALL UNIBLUE! I had the same problems listed here. The raving revue you get following the link here is undoubtedly a paid ad.

      I could not get rid of Uniblue once I tried the “free” scan, so I bought it. It slowed my computer severely (I think it’s secretly spyware). I was then able to uninstall it and replaced it with Registry Mechanic, which takes just a few minutes backup, scan and repair the registry. It has a resident monitor that can be turned off if it slows your system. Mine is off.

      All in all, if you are going to mess with your registry, you should buy a program that has NO negative reviews. Conversely, you should find one that has nothing but glowing reviews. Registry Mechanic works fine for me. Uniblue sucked!


        Hi, so I’m not the only one!. After doing free scan I bought and downloaded Uniblue speed up your pc last week and am unable to boot up my dell laptop since. Message error is missing registry files. Also my system restore points are not working and I don’t know what to do next. If his problem has been around a how come its still supported by Microsoft etc.


    Joe, It should be as simple as going to “Start” -> “Control Panel” -> “Add Remove Programs” and selecting Uniblue to be uninstalled. If you still get the messages that you do not have permission make sure you are logged in as administrator. You might also want to reboot to make sure it is not running as well before trying to uninstall it.


    I have similar problem. Tried Matt’s suggestions but could not remove until programme stopped running. The problem is, it automatically runs as soon as boot up. Can see no way of uninstalling it so don’t be caught!


    I have a similar problem to Veronica. Program executes automatically on startup and attempt to uninstall refuses because program is running. “Stop Scan” does not stop the program. Matts suggestion same result. I opened uniblue program directory and deleted startup program but started on reboot anyway. Cant get rid of it. With this type of unethical marketing, one must consider the program as “Malware” and avoid. Any comment or suggestions.


    I am very sorry that you guys are having difficulty uninstalling Uniblue. There is a free uninstaller application called Revo ( which scans your machine for all of the files associated with an installed application both before and after you attempt to uninstall it. I just used it to remove Yahoo Toolbar and it found several files and registry entries associated with the application that were left behind by the installer. Try it out (you may need to read the instructions or contact support for additional help hunting down the Uniblue files), and see if it will help remove your unwanted applications.


    I purcased reg booster and tweaker and registered them , it still tells me to register before it will work, whats up with this ?


    I am not sure what steps you took to register them. I assume you bought them on the site but did you enter the serial number into the actual software? If you have and it is till giving you that error you should contact the technical support department for the software.


    Your problems are very simple; remember you can’t uninstall a program while it’s running. Problem number one; check your settings option and check “off” run at start up to keep it from running at start up. Or right click on the “RegistryBooster” Icon in the bottom right corner of your Taskbar and click on “Exit”.

    Either way works & you’ll find “RegistryBooster” uninstalls without any problems.


    I tried to follow help from Johnny but haddifficulty. I have Vista on my PC and couldn’t find settings option, nor could I find a Registry Booster anyone help?


    I have the same problem as grant verkler with the Uniblue software. It says I can’t register the software because the serial number (they gave me) is invalid. I would contact tech support but they don’t let me know an address for it. How would I be able to find it?



    Did anyone try clicking the run icon in the startup menu typing “msconfig” and then unchecking the box for Uniblue product to run on startup, restart the computer and then remove the program?


    Uniblue Registry Booster is a trojan and malware!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VIRUS into your system. Good luck getting rid of it, never mind the harm it does to the registry. NO SELF-RESPECTING SITE SHOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS VIRUS!!!



    It is not a virus because the definition of a virus is that it must be self replicating. Uniblue Registry Booster is not self replicating so calling it a virus is incorrect.

    It is not a trojan because a trojan program is a program that gets installed, without you knowing, when you install a program you want; usually a small fun video game of some kind or a music sharing service.

    We have talked to many people that use the program and love it. We have talked to many people who used the program and do not care for it and have had no problem uninstalling it. We have also talked to a bunch of people who hate it and have issues uninstalling it.

    It is almost like Windows, to be honest, some people love it and will always use it. Others hate it and will opt for other options. To call it a trojan and a virus would be incorrect though.


    Uniblue suddenly appeared on my computer when I visited, and I couldn’t delete it. The Uniblue folder appeared under Program Files, but a popup message said I needed permission to delete it. I ran my Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal, then went back to my Program Files & it deleted that time!


    Ccleaner is free and equally as good.
    AND it only runs when you want it to.
    thanks for those who posted here as i was about to but this malware, when i started looking a bit deeper.


    stupidity is a great crutch ppl. if you have no idea how to uninstall programs, you shouldnt be using a computer. i find it hilarious that you would classify an awesome program like UniBlue as a virus, only because you lack the mental facilities to find the correct way to deal with your issue. as well, having been in direct contact with UniBlue a few times with Q’s of my own, they have said that anyone who experiences issues with their software, should go to their site and contact them for help. , click on contact us at the bottom. lol have fun ppl, catching that bad-ole-virus. LMAO


    Being young and and very immature is reflected in Johnny5’s comments. Most computer users can unstall a program, but Uniblue is different. One day when little Johnny5 is all grown up (40 or 50) he may gain Maturity & a better understanding of people.


      The only time the average person should mess with the registry is when uninstalling an application that he or she has no intention of reinstalling. After uninstalling a program, sometimes registry entries referring to that application are left behind.

      The only registry optimization tool that I have used, and still use as a first step, that did not damage the registry in some way is Ashampoo’s Win Optimizer. Wisely, it only detects and displays registry entries for programs that no longer exist on the machine or that have been uninstalled and reinstalled to a different directory.

      Before using Win Optimizer, I make sure that the registry has been backed up and that WIn Optimizer is set to make a backup of the registry before doing anything.

      After using Win Optimizer, I do two searches of the registry through Regedit: one for the name of the developer, checking each entry for references to the software I’ve just uninstalled; and the second search for the name of the software. I delete the entries that come up in the searches, then I check the obvious locations for entries that the searches might have missed. When that’s done, I close the registry and reboot. So far, I have had not adverse reactions by using that method.

      If the registry entries are removed at the time the application is removed, then you don’t get the buildup of useless registry entries that accumulate over time. Consequently, you never have to use a bogus piece of crap software like Uniblue.

      In Win Optimizer’s defense, it doesn’t try to take over the machine, doesn’t INSIST upon running automatically on reboot (there’s no reason for a registry optimizer or cleaner to run either automatically OR on reboot), and it does, simply and safely, exactly what the name implies: it optimizes Windows by searching for, displaying for user confirmation, and deleting at the user’s command orphaned and otherwise useless registry entries. It also makes a backup copy of the entire registry and saves that backup to a location of the user’s choosing.

      As stated previously, there is no reason why a registry editing/optimizing utility needs to or should run automatically upon reboot or run in the system tray unless it is to run after it has made registry changes in order to confirm that the machine is running ok before making the registry changes final and to automatically restore the registry back to its original state if things don’t go well. I don’t know of a registry cleaning application that does those things, though; so what’s the point of running constantly?

      Just because a utility program has a Microsoft certification doesn’t mean it’s a-ok. A lot of Microsoft’s software is not a-ok, but it still has Microsoft’s name on it. Some of Microsoft’s updates have done more harm to my system that any malware, Trojan, virus, or Worm has done to date. So, the Microsoft certification means little except that the developers have paid Microsoft for its “official” seal of approval. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that I could submit virtually any piece of crap software accompanied by a sizable monetary contribution and get a Microsoft certification. That’s just business politics at work, not quality workmanship.

      If Uniblue works well for someone, then good for that person, but there seems to be a higher number of disgruntled users than there are satisfied customers, no matter what a report at this or that link might say. Facts are facts.

      The good news about Uniblue’s damage is that if there’s a clean backup of the pre-Uniblue registry, then it can be restored and the problems caused by Uniblue disappear, for the most part. The problems that remain after restoring the registry, unfortunately, could be persistent if Uniblue deleted files off the hard drive in addition to deleting important registry entries.

      I don’t trust programs that try to take over the computer and insist upon running “automatically” full time for no good reason.


    I have used Registry Booster for some time, and have no problems. I was incontact with Uniblue’s support team, as I had an issue and they were really helpful. I have also bought another product from them called speed up my PC and it’s really good. Has shaved time off start up, opening files and seems to have improved my internet connection too.


    No one appears to have noticed the most obvious solution to uninstalling Registry Booster … simply open the folder where it is installed and use the uninstall file there. It is clearly labled ‘unins000’

    Along with other Uniblue products (SpeedUpMyPC and SpyEraser) Registry Booster is a good program … if used correctly!


    Well I’ve bought the download and I’m not impressed.
    It says it’s corrected 15 faults but if I want to correct the other 400+ I’ve got to buy Registry Booster 2…I thought that is what I bought for 34.44GBP


    If you bought the product and paid for it then you got a serial number. You need to put that serial number into the product for it to work as a full version. If you continue to have problems submit your questions directly to the creators of the software.


    Anything having to do with Uniblue is crap-ware.

    Its techs are composed of goons and felonious hackers; its marketing is done by money-grubbing reptiles. And their shitty products reflect their profiles.

    All Uniblue-ware, does precisely the opposite of what it pretends to do.

    Get rid of it.


    Thanks for both sets of advice.


    I purchased RegistryBooster 2 because my computer was having problems freezing. The program showed more then 400 errors and I thought it would solve my problems. I was wrong because after fixing the errors I could not bootup for about four reboots because I had freezing at multiple points in the bootup process. I then had multiple programs that would not work. I tried to get the programs back to working but had no luck. I asked for a refund after a week. I have been trying for six months to get a refund with no luck because of the email runaround I am getting


    I installed this software when my computer started slowing down. The result was a computer that would barely function, had difficulty booting, and kept crashing, and crucially system restore (which had been working) no longer functioned. I now have to re-build my PC. This software should be called Registry Wrecker!
    I have asked for a refund – It does have a 30 satisfaction guarantee. I don’t yet know if I will get it.
    I would warn anyone to think very carefully before using this software
    It is almost impossible to uninstall – it is a nasty bit of malware!


    Wow! I got a promotional email asking me to try Registry Booster by Uniblue. I have crazy slow start-up, shut down and open application times, so I was almost ready to download it and give it a try. After reading the balanced reviews and experiences on this board, I think I’ll just take the computer back to the dealer (I bought a protection plan) and let them diagnose and hopefully solve my problems.

    Thanks to all of you for such helpful comments (well…every except Johnny5)!


    I just purchased the PowerSuite and installed it.

    Config’d the settings and ran all 3 applications/programs and my results are as follows:

    No probs….!


    Registry Booster 2 is totally fine!
    It does 4 me ALL they (at Uniblue Systems) said it would. Great value for the money actually!! As NCC-1709 indicated… No probs!


    No, you little twerps, it CAN’T be uninstall ed! It’s a backdoor Trojan that deletes any way to get to it!


    p2pnut is correct just open the folder where the Uniblue program is stored and uninstall by clicking on the unins000 file.Like all good programs the Uniblue Registry Booster has an un-install file. Unfortunately Uniblue’s selling techique is a bit dubious as they promise to fix your registry problems so you download their program and then they ask for $29.95 US to clear the registry problems – certainly not malicious.


    I bought the Registry Booster and installation was not a problem but at first boot up was SLOWER than before!O.K. now. Here’s the catch though, having bought this product you are then expected to pay further subscriptions, devious marketing and I tend to agree with the earlier money grabbing comment


    Thanks for the input – I’m not chancing it! These quick-fix products are like junk mail…too good to be totally true. Rock on Old Dad!


    Since my last on 5th Dec I’ve had several problems,missing data, low speed, so I’ve uninstalled, without a hitch, now everything is fine. Wouldn’t buy again.



    I have been running the PowerSuite for about a month now and everything is still streaming cleanly.

    And now the only registry fixes r those of programs that i install/uninstall!!!

    UniBlue is a quality to me….

    most 3rd party programs is the junk stuff u speak of…


    Listen ppl this is not a miracle cure! The reason must ppl seek out products like this is because they’re having problems to begin with. Right? I’ve been using Reg Booster with no problems as well as many others. The product does exactly as it states it will do. Maybe your problems are much deeper than this program can handle and you should try professional computer repairs like, .


    I downloaded and ran RegistryBooster, v.2, and it seemed to do a very good job–until I tried to open an application. The registry entries that RegistryBooster reported were bad and needed repairing were entries that completely disabled four (that I have found, so far) software programs, giving me the error message that the programs were not installed correctly for my profile, even though I was logged on as administrator with administrator privileges.

    I backed up the registry using RegistryBooster before allowing it to make any changes to the registry. Considering the mess it made of my system, I did not trust RegistryBooster to correctly restore my registry; so I reinstalled the software programs that did not launch.

    Who knows what other problems will surface in the future because of RegistryBooster. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no further problems. (Do you know how hard it is to type with crossed fingers?)



    I advise everyone who decides to try Uniblue’s RegistryBooster to do the following BEFORE running RegistryBooster:

    Click Start, Run, and key in “regedit” (sans quotes).

    When the registry editor opens, click File, Export, and copy the registry to a folder where you can find it again.

    At least you will have an exact copy of the original registry in case RegistryBooster pulls the same SNAFU it did for me.


    – – – – UpDate 2 – – – –

    Two(2) months now and all is still well with the PowerSuite.

    I can’t wait until UniBlue comes out with something new to maintain and enhance my pc.

    UniBlue “ROCKS”…


    Since installing Uniblue my computer has been running extra slow & after waiting about 5 minutes for the computer start & another 5/10 for each program to load i give up, computer goes off. I put this on my familys main computer & my laptop, both which don’t work v well anymore so co-incidence or what.. I would say stay away!


    I’ve been running Uniblue’s Registry Booster 2 for some months now, finds and fixes all the errors and found out that it does a great overall job!


    Hi AskaGeek, and readers,

    I’m Hilary Rogers from Uniblue. I have read your comments with interest and would like to respond to some of the posts.

    In no way are our products Trojans, worms or malware of any description.

    We are aware that some users who utilized trial versions (free scans) had difficulty in uninstalling the software. This wasn’t intentional, and this was caused by the fact that the software was running in the System Tray when the user tried to delete the program. This wasn’t clear to many users, and, once alerted, we acted on it immediately. In response, we have developed a new feature which closes the program automatically when the user starts to uninstall. These free scans are diagnostic – RegistryBooster alerts the user to any potential problems in the registry.

    The free scan’s intention is for users to evaluate their computer before purchasing the full product. It is marketed as a free scan, not a free “solution”. To evaluate the error fixing capabilities of Registry Booster we included 15 error fixes. It is understandable that if we gave away a free trial version which fixed all registry errors (even for a short period), then many people would see no point in purchasing the full product.

    You can read some recent professional evaluations of the full version of RegistryBooster 2 here:

    If customers decide to buy the full version and aren’t satisfied, then we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    If anyone has any other questions about RegistryBooster 2 then you can email me directly:

    I hope that this information will clarify some of the issues, but if not, please get in touch


    Arghhh i hate Uniblue, i highy recommend not using it or using it with extreme caution. On its first registery clean, it gave me the blue screen. OMG Blue Screen on a 1 month old new laptop. Now i ned a new laptop.


    I too have had a horrendous experience with uniblue. My computer was slow, so I bought uniblue’s speedupmypc.
    Rebooting caused many (easily 20 or more) errors to pop up, about missing this and that, and was extremely slow. Could no longer run msconfig. Each reboot got progressively worse. At one point I got the blue screen of death. At one point I could no longer connect to my wireless network. Could not uninstall the damn thing.

    Finally had to re-install Windows. I lost some apps in the process.

    Don’t use this piece of crap. Save yourself time, money and your peace of mind.


    Has anyone besides me noticed that the only ones singing Uniblue and RegistryBooster’s praises sound suspiciously like Uniblue employees? Most of them sound as if they could have been written by the same person using different names. The developer, perhaps?


      Hi Bisclavret,

      It’s Hilary here from Uniblue. I am the only person from Uniblue who has posted anything on this site about our products (see my post above). When I do, it’s to help readers and I fully identify myself as being from Uniblue. If anyone has any questions, please email me: or create a support ticket here: