Copying Music from iPod to PC

by on July 2, 2007

Q: Is it possible to transfer the songs on my iPod to my new computer?

A: The synchronization process between an iPod and iTunes on your computer is a one-way process. Apple designed it that way to discourage music piracy but it can be inconvenient especially when you have lost the original files on your PC due to data corruption.

Several companies have created inexpensive software packages that will allow you to extract the music from your iPod. If you visit iPodSoft you will find several small applications that cost $15 or less which will allow you to copy some or all of your songs from your iPod to a folder on your hard drive or directly into iTunes. Most of these applications are for Windows, but iGadget is available for both Mac and Windows. These are not the only applications available that will allow you to copy songs off of your iPod, so make sure to search the web and try various applications until you find one that suits your needs.

You may also choose to copy your music from your old PC to your new PC if you still have access to it. If you have enabled your iPod to be used as a hard drive, you can copy your music from your iTunes Music Folder on your PC to your iPod. Then, you can unmount the iPod, connect it to your new PC, and copy the music files to the hard drive from the iPod. Then you just have to add the songs back into iTunes.