Restoring Network Driver

by on July 3, 2007

Q: I was cleaning my hard drive and have apparently deleted the driver for my network card. I know this because I called up my Internet service provider and explained the problems I have been having and that is what the tech told me. How do I go about getting a copy of the network driver?

A: If you have deleted your network driver, there are a few ways that you can obtain another copy of it. You can contact the company that made your network card (Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, etc.) and request a copy of the newest driver for it. If you have the manual that came with your network card, it should contain the telephone number for their Technical Support department. You can call them and request another copy of the driver. Sometimes companies charge a small fee for a replacement driver CD but some will replace the CD for free.

If you have access to the Internet from another PC, you can go to the web site of your network card’s manufacturer. Most companies post links to download drivers for their products. Once you’ve found the appropriate driver and downloaded it, copy it to a CD/DVD, portable hard drive, or USB drive, and copy the driver onto it. When you get back to your own PC, copy the file from your storage device to the hard drive of your PC. Follow the installation instructions provided on the web site for installing the driver on your PC.