Dealing with Ads in Yahoo Mail

by on July 9, 2007

Q: As of this morning my Yahoo mail page is full of strobing obnoxious advertisements. I ran adaware and that did nothing. Any suggestions?

A: The advertisements that you are seeing in Yahoo Mail are legitimate ads approved by Yahoo. Adaware removes spyware, malware, and grayware that may have been installed on your system by browsing the web, or may have been installed inadvertently along with other software. It is not intended to block the display of ads on a web site.

If you would like to surf the web without being bombarded with advertisements, you can install the Firefox web browser, and the Adblock Plus plugin for Firefox. The Adblock Plus plugin allows you to block individual ads, or you can subscribe to a list of known ad servers (which is updated regularly) that will be automatically blocked as you browse the web. This is the most thorough method of blocking advertisements, and it will allow you to surf the web more quickly (because you are downloading less information), however, it may make it difficult to browse certain web sites that have a lot of ads.

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    Admuncher at, IE7Pro at , adblock pro at and etc can block ads at IE as well