Migrating Data to a New Vista PC

by on July 26, 2007

Q: My Windows XP Home PC had a motherboard failure so I am planning on getting a new Windows Vista PC. I am concerned about migrating the data from the old system onto the new system because I have read that Vista’s migration operation does not support migration from one internal drive to another, but I have no other way to transfer my (extremely valuable to me) files. Should I simply install the old HD as a slave in the new system and then copy and paste the files? I know that I need to install any programs that I want to move. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

A: In your current situation you would be able to most quickly and efficiently extract your important information from your old hard drive by installing it as a slave on your new system. Once you install it and it is recognized by the operating system you will be able to copy your files to your new hard drive. To make sure that all of your important files get copied over you can download Microsoft’s Sync Toy for Windows Vista and synchronize your important folders on the old hard drive with folders on your new hard drive. Sync Toy will go through all of the contents of a folder (including all of the contents of sub folders), analyze them, and make sure that an identical copy is placed in the target directory. This way you won’t miss any files in the event your folder copy ends prematurely.

By installing your old hard drive as a slave you will also be able to use it as a backup for the data you copy to or create on your new hard drive.