Which Laptop Battery Should I Buy?

by on July 26, 2007

Q: I’m trying to buy a new laptop battery online and I am finding two options. The two options are 10.8 volts with 8800 mAh and 11.1 volts with 4400 mAh. I would like to know which one will last the longest.

A: When you are buying a new battery for a laptop you should always consult the laptop manufacturer to find out which batteries are compatible with your laptop. If you go to the support page for your laptop will be able to find the product numbers of the battery types that are supported by your laptop manufacturer. If you are still unsure or have more questions you should contact your laptop manufacturer’s technical support department and ask them about the different batteries you would like to purchase and they will let you know if they will work with your laptop.

Keep in mind that even if you buy an extended life battery for your laptop, if it is not conditioned correctly early on, you may not see a significant performance difference from your original battery. Follow the battery manufacturer’s instructions for charging and conditioning the battery when you purchase it.