Adobe PhotoDeluxe Problems After Windows XP Update

by on July 30, 2007

Q: Since I have installed the latest Windows XP updates my Adobe Photodeluxe 3.0 on Windows XP will not run. The program stops responding after the wallpaper has loaded, any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

A: The first thing you should do is visit the Adobe PhotoDeluxe support site and download any updates for the software. After you have installed all available updates try running the program to see if it is working correctly. If it is still not running then you should completely uninstall the application, reinstall it from scratch, and install all of the available updates. Once you have done this run the application to see if it runs properly.

If updating and reinstalling the application do not help visit the Adobe PhotoDeluxe support site and discuss your problems in the Forum. Adobe support representatives and other PhotoDeluxe users may be able to give you additional help in solving this problem.

One Response to “Adobe PhotoDeluxe Problems After Windows XP Update”

    Thanks for the advicxe. Most of it I had done by the time you replied. Initially it proved impossible to reinstall the software. In the end the problem was found to be a USB hub that had gone faulty. Removing the hub and connecting direct to the laptop enabled reinstallation to complete. Replacing the hub solved all the problems. Thanks.