Dealing With Spyware and Questionable Applications

by on August 9, 2007

Q: How do I remove virusprotectpro from my system? I am afraid to download any programs for fear they are also bogus spyware.

A: If you are not confident that you will be able to remove a questionable application from your system using Add/Remove Programs (in the Control Panel) then you may want to try using an uninstaller. There are a few trustworthy uninstaller applications that have been confirmed to be free of spyware. In a comment on an earlier article I recommended Revo Uninstaller. This product comes well recommended from and I have also used it to remove troublesome applications from Windows XP. Not only does Revo remove the application but it also searches the registry and removes all traces of the application. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about pieces of applications being left behind on your PC.

If this application is your only anti-virus application then there are many free anti-virus applications for home use like AVG and ClamWin. Both of these anti-virus solutions provide active virus protection and are easy to install and use.

To protect yourself from spyware there are several different things you can do. The easiest way to eliminate numerous spyware threats would be to switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox browser is not as susceptible to spyware as Internet Explorer is. There are also numerous anti-spyware applications that you can use to both protect your PC from spyware threats and remove existing spyware on your system. Spybot Search and Destroy, Lavasoft’s Adaware, and Spyware Blaster are all intuitive spyware tools used by home users and IT Professionals alike. They are available for free but Adaware also has a paid version, which provides additional functionality. It is advisable to use more than one anti-spyware tool because certain spyware items might be missed by one application but recognized by another.

A combination of good free anti-virus, anti-spyware, and uninstaller programs will help protect your PC online. However, it is not a replacement for careful browsing and being selective about what you choose to install on your PC. If you are skeptical about whether or not a product is spyware then you should Google the product to find out more about it first.