Mac OS for Mac Classic

by on August 21, 2007

Q: I recently acquired a Macintosh Classic, complete with keyboard and mouse. I plugged all the peripherals in, switched the computer on, and a gray screen with a tiny floppy disk and a question mark in the center flashes and nothing else happens. Do I need to install an OS? I just want to use it for fun and am not sure what to do from here.

A: When older Macs display a floppy disk with a question mark, it means that the System folder cannot be found. You will need to reinstall the operating system. First you need to determine what model of Mac classic you have and its specifications. The specifications list will usually tell you what Operating System releases will run on your Mac Classic. Some versions of Mac OS may have been released for free, and Low End Mac has a list of links to several OS that are freely available. Sometimes you can also find older versions of Mac OS Classic on eBay.