What is an HP Pocket Media Drive?

by on August 22, 2007

Q: I saw an ad for an for an HP Desktop that was promoting an 80GB HP pocket Media Drive and I am unsure what an HP Pocket Media Drive is; can you please help?

A: The 80GB HP Pocket Media Drive is simply a portable external hard drive. HP has been releasing some mid range desktops with a bay specially made to accept this drive. These desktops allow you to slide the drive into them like cartridge and the drive will be mounted by your operating system. If your PC does not have Pocket Media Drive Bay, you can still use the drive with the USB cable it ships with. You can connect it to any computer with available USB ports. The size of this drive makes it great for transporting files between the office or school and home, or moving files from PC to PC.

2 Responses to “What is an HP Pocket Media Drive?”

    I have tried to find where I can purchase the pocket media drive bay so that I can install (retro-fit) it to my desktop so that I can slide the pocket drive that I puchase into it. Does anyone sell the drive bay as well as the drive?


    We have contacted HP about this and their support was actually useless. Sorry HP but when we submit a question to your pre-sales team about how to buy an HP Pocket Media Drive Bay we should not be directed to technical support. It is a pre-sales question not a tech support question that we should have to pay to have answered.

    So anyway, we did more research and found out that, currently, you can only get the HP Pocket Media Drive Bay with an HP computer. So you would have to buy an HP computer and have the bay as an option.

    The upside is you can still use the drive with a USB cable but it would be nice if they released it so it would work on any computer. Seems like a rather silly choice not to.